Naga youth to fight Myanmar dam

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Myanmar DamNagaland, March 19, 2012: The 80-meter high dam with a reservoir of 1400 sq km would displace 45,000 people.

An organization of youth from Nagaland has formed a people’s forum to oppose the construction of a dam in Myanmar that they say will have adverse impact on their northeastern Indian state.

Some 50 representatives of various Naga organisations in the Indian capital yesterday attended a seminar at the Nagaland House in the Indian capital where the campaign against Tamanthi Dam was launched.

The dam is located at Homlin, a Naga-dominated area in Myanmar.

The Naga Youth Organization-Burma which organized the seminar noted that the 80-meter high dam with a reservoir of 1400 sq km would replace 45,000 people.

One of the speakers, Ke Jung, estimated that the dam would displace more than 100,000 people as it would submerge 53 Naga villages, 14 Kuki villages and 15 villages occupied by both groups.

He alleged that some 2,400 people have already been relocated at gun point without giving them any compensation.

An Environment Impact Assessment carried out by an NGO in 2006 had warned that the dam would flood habitats of several globally endangered species.

The Indian government has projected US$3 billion for the dam as India would avail 80 percent of about 1200 MW power it generates while the rest will go to Monywa Copper Mine, Sagaing Division in Myanmar, Jung stated.

The first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project was signed between Myanmar and India’s National Hydroelectric Power Corporation in 2004. Another MoU was signed four years later between Myanmar’s Ministry of Power and the Indian corporation.

The construction was supposed to commence in 2007, but was kept in abeyance until last year.

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