Uttar Pradesh: Christians threatened, impending marriage in Kashganj stopped

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A Hindu extremist ( file photo )

A Hindu extremist ( file photo )

Uttar Pradesh, October 1, 2012: Hindu extremists launched a series of attacks against the Christians, accused them of forceful conversion and stopped the impending marriage of Christians in Ladholi, Bahora, Kashganj, Uttar Pradesh.

Christian leaders from the Jagat Jyoti Bahujan Kalyan Ashram reported to EFI News that Hindu extremists, supported by the local police, threatened them to stop worshipping Christ or face dire consequences.

The first incident took place on Sept 11, when Local Intelligence Unit came to the Ashram, accused the Christians of luring people to convert to Christianity by offering them monetary benefits. The believers denied the allegation.

However, the next day, the extremist Hindus with rifles, led by Rajeshwar Singh, arrived in two vehicles and again accused the Christians of forceful conversions. Singh offered monetary benefits to any believer who would be willing to convert back to Hinduism; and said that they would destroy all Christians and Muslims. Singh also told one believer, Leela Vati, to not get her daughter married to one believer, as proposed, as they would not stand any inter-caste marriages.

Again the next day, police arrived at the Ashram and told Leela Vati and her family to leave the Ashram or face dire consequences. Leela Vati and her family left the Ashram, in fear, the same night. The police went to the Ashram the next day to check whether Lelela Vati and her family had left the Ashram and ordered the believers to report to the police station the next day.

Speaking to EFI News about the incident, Rev Acharya Ram Surat said, “The extremists were threatened by the unity among Christians. After accepting Christ, believers were willing to cross barriers and marry from different castes; and the extremist Hindus wanted to stop this by all means”.

Area Christian leaders submitted a police complaint.

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UP: Christian meeting attacked *TN: Christians harassed

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Uttar Pradesh, April 11, 2012: On April 7 in Maharajganj, Hindu extremists from the allegedly Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh barged into the Christian meeting and beat them up.

According to our correspondent, Ajit Pal, at about 8 a.m, the armed extremists forcefully entered into the “Festival of Deliverance” conducted by Maharajganj Baptist Church (MBC), accusing them of forceful conversion, verbally abused and started to beat them up.

Apart from the Christian leaders, the extremists targeted one believer, Ambika Prasad, a new follower of Christ, who gave the local church a land worth 1.2 million, reported a representative of the MBC.

About ten enraged extremists with their iron rods beat up the Christians injuring Pastor Ram Chander Vish Prasad and his wife, Ambika Prasad and some believers. The police soon reached the spot and put the situation under control.

“It is a spiritual meeting where we are praying for the sick and it has nothing to do with religion” Bishop Jonathan Ansar, main speaker of the meeting told EFI. The meeting was attended by about 4000 people, reported Akhopuro, organiser of the meeting.

The Christian filed an FIR against the attackers. The police arrested four extremists but they were released on the same day without any charges.

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Christians harassed in Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu, April 11, 2012: In Akkarapettai, Nagapattinam, anti-Christian group tore up Bibles and gospel literature in the homes of children attending Scripture Union’s centre, SUHASYA, which minister to Children in Crisis after learning that they have attended church services.

According to information reaching EFI, after the anti-Christian group learned that there was noticeable drop in numbers of people attending one Hindu festival, they made an enquiry and found out that many villagers were attending church services.

Thereafter, on April 2 the enraged extremists went to a government school and announced to reward the children who have Christian literature in their homes. Some children said they have gospel books in their houses.

Subsequently, the anti people started harassing the children who admitted to keeping Christian books in their homes. They summoned their parents, verbally abused them and threatened to expel them from the village if they continued to go to church and entertain Christian faith.

Again, on the next day, the group went to the houses of the Christians and searched for Bibles and other literature. They tore the Bibles and other gospel literature they found and threatened them not to go to church or face dire consequences. They also threatened to deal with the person in charge of SUSHASYA.

Speaking to EFI, J Herbert Samuel, Ministry Director of Scripture Union, India said, “There are about 42 children in our centre and about 36 are from that Akkarapettai village. SUHASYA centre is not their main target but the Christians. Quite a few of our children’s families have been impacted by Christian care.”

The anti- group asked one family to vacate the house after they openly said they are worshipping Jesus. One person identified only Mahalaxmi and three other families filed a police complaint against the attackers and police protection was provided until yesterday. The anti- group have also locked 12 Christian houses for three days but after the intervention of the police, the Christians are able to live in their own homes again. However, out of fear some Christians are staying away from the village.

There is tension in the village as this group are threatening to enforce further action against the Christians. Kindly pray for them.

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WB: Radical Islamists physically abuse Christians *UP: Police stop a Christian convention *AP: Land encroachment leads to the demolition of a church *Karnataka: 10 sentenced for forcible conversion

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West Bengal, April 04, 2012: On 30th March, 2012, radical Islamist forcibly entered a Christian home in Nutangram, West Bengal where a group of Christians were gathered and physically assaulted them and disgraced them in public.
Mr. Gaffar Shaike and his wife had invited their Christian friends over to their place for lunch and prayer on the 30th March, 2012, in Nuntangram village, Murshidabad district, in West Bengal. Shortly after lunch while they were they were having a time of fellowship and prayer a group of radical Islamists stormed in the house of Mr. Shaike and inflicted grave injuries on 3 of those gathered. The victims are Mr. Aimazan Bibi, Ms. Moyazan Bibi and Ms. Selina Bibi.

The Christian victims were then chased out of Mr. Shaike’s house and on to the streets where they became a sight of public amusement for a large crowd of about 500 Muslims, who simply watched on as the victims were chased around and verbally and even physically abused by the radicals who were armed with knives.

The radical group are believed to be led by Mr. Mohammed Aanu Shaike, who is notorious for publicly decrying against Christians even to the extent of publicly torturing them for their faith.

A case was filed later in the evening by some Christians at the Murshidabad Police station, in Nutangram village, but so far no arrests have been made.

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UP: Police stop a Christian convention


Uttar Pradesh, March 29, 2012: On 24th March, 2012 The Yeshu Mahatsava convention that was organised in Chadidiha, was disrupted by the Rampur police after complaints lodged by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).

Despite procuring the necessary permissions from the Associate District Magistrate to conduct the Yeshu Mahatsava Convention, the local police shut down the convention over allegations by the VHP that forced conversions was taking place. Fearing a possible backlash from the community, Sub-inspector RP Saroj arrived at the venue early in the morning and with drew the permission he himself had granted for the convention and asked for the stalls present to be removed.

VHP’s district chairman Mr. Omprakash Singh had made accusations that Christian Missionaries were converting people in the country by enticing them with money, and that they were sheltered by the government.

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AP: Land encroachment leads to the demolition of a church


Andhra Pradesh, March 29, 2012: On 2nd March, 2012 a Church in Urmila Nagar, Vijayawada was partially demolished as real estate developers try to illegally encroach on property for their development projects.

Bethel Prarthana Mandiram, a church in Urmila Nagar, Kabela, which had been running for over 13 years ago, was visited by labourers hired by town planning officers to demolish the church on 2nd of March. The labourers began this illegal demolition activity at around 3 pm, right after a Friday prayer service had been conducted. Pastor Immanuel of the church in Urmila approached the town planning office with the church’s property documents. According to the documents, the church property was allocated to Mr. Madala Yacob, the great grandfather of pastor Immanuel under a military quota during the British rule in 1930.

But according to new municipality zone survey the church property falls on land belonging to corporation 80 Field Map Book (FMB), which was used as an alibi to encroach the land.

Pastor Immanuel believes that there is a conspiracy between the real estate developers and municipal town planners. And although the municipal commissioner had clarified the matter regarding the church property based on the original documents, the church building was still demolished.

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Karnataka: 10 sentenced for forcible conversion


Karnataka, April 02, 2012: A local court today sentenced 11 persons on charges of trying to forcibly convert people to another religion in Kyatamballi village in the district in 2007.

The JMFC court ordered two of the 11 to undergo a jail term of 20 months,including two months of rigorous imprisonment and pay a fine of Rs 5000 each. The other nine were sentenced to one year simple imprisonment and pay a fine of Rs 2000 each.

Additional Senior Civil Judge and JMFC, H Gopalakrishna, passed the orders saying that the accused were propagating against a particular community and urging them to convert from one religion to other.

“The accused committed grave offence of creating enimity between the two communities. They committed offence prejudicial to maintainence of harmony between the two communities”, the Judge stated in the order.

According to charge sheet filed by Robertsonpet police, Kolar, the 11-member group had were openly condemning the deities worshipped by the people of a particular community and urged them to convert.

While two of the accused were sentenced under section 153(3) (promoting enmity between two different groups on grounds of religion), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal code, the others were sentenced under section 248(10) of the CrPC.

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Bajrang Dal leader arrested for disrupting medical camp

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Police Have Arrested The Leader of a Hindu RadicalUttar Pradesh, October 28, 2011: Police have arrested the leader of a Hindu radical group for inciting a mob to attack a medical camp a Church-based NGO organized near Agra.

Reverend Prabhat Kashyap of Sparsh Sewa Samiti (society for touch service), who organized the October 25 event, said around 150 people came to the camp shouting anti-Christian slogans.

They accused the medical team of converting people under the garb of medical treatment.

The mob led by leaders of the Bajrang Dal asked for the permission letter for the medical camp. When Reverend Kashyap showed a copy, Digvijay Tiwari, one of the leaders, wanted one copy for himself.

The Church leader refused to oblige since Tiwari did not represent any government authority. An angered Tiwari went back and returned an hour later with more people.

The mob broke the tent structure, overturned chairs and tables and started manhandling people. The medical team ran to the roof to escape to adjacent building, but the mob chased and stopped them.

The mob thrashed Reverend Charles Gola, who coordinated the medical team. The intruders tried to bring the team members to the rooms but they refused, Reverend Kashyap narrated.

However, the mob forcibly brought Reverend Kashyap down and accused him of being the kingpin of a conversion racket. They also thrashed and abused him

Meanwhile, the medical team managed to escape with the help of local volunteers, who had overhead the mob planning to burn down the building.

The mob took Reverend Kashyap to nearby Shahganj police station where the activists pressed the police to jail the Church leader.

Reverend Kashyap showed the police a letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Agra permitting him to conduct the medical camp. The Church leader then filed a complaint against the mob.

The police have arrested Tiwari and jailed, but released him later on bail.

The Church team had already submitted copies of the permission to the District Magistrate and the Senior Superintendent of Police.

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Pastor, Wife Beaten in Uttar Pradesh

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Map of Uttar PradeshOn 3 July, an angry mob accused Pastor John C.V Samuel from Assembly of God’s Church (AGC) of forceful conversion, beat him up and his wife in Manpuri, Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place when Pastor Samuel, his wife and some believers went to attend the burial service of Anil Saxena, who attended Pastor Samuel’s church for the past two years. Saxena reportedly committed suicide on Saturday night after he had an argument with his father.

The angry mob suddenly rushed on the pastor and his wife, mercilessly beat them up and falsely accused them of forceful conversion and of being the cause of Saxena’s death.

Saxena’s wife intervened and told the mob that they went to the church by their own free will and nobody has forced them.

The pastor’s wife called the police by phone. The police arrived at the scene and rescued the couple from the angry mob and took them to the Pushpanjali Hospital, Agra where they were admitted.

Area Christian leaders submitted a police complaint

An Appeal to write to Authorities

As concerned Christians, kindly write to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh appealing to her to safe guard the rights of the minority communities and to give protection to churches against attacks and to take immediate action against the perpetrators of violence.

Kumari Mayawati
Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

(O) Tel: (522) 2239296
(O) Fax: (522) 2239234
(R) Tel: (522) 221122
(R) Fax: (522) 220550

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