Indian nuns attacked in Scotland

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The house where the Sisters live in Scotland

The house where the Sisters live in Scotland

Scotland, July 28, 2011: A group of drunken youth attacked the house of Indian nuns in Pollok, Scotland, the third such incident in as many years.

The youth smashed a window of the house of Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity by throwing an empty Buckfast bottle at it.

The terrified nuns, who work with the charity founded by Mother Teresa, said the noise was so loud it sounded like there had been an explosion in the house.

“We were sleeping when somebody threw something at the window. It was so loud that the whole house shook. We thought a bomb had gone off. We are praying for the people who did this to change,” said Sister Vianita, the local superior who leads the convent.

When they went outside the next morning to see what had happened, they found the smashed remnants of a green glass bottle.

The nuns have suffered previous attacks by local youths and this one was the third in three years.

All the attacks involve the smashing of an upstairs window through which a crucifix can be seen.

On another occasion thieves stole a statue of the Virgin Mary kept in a glass box outside the house. It was later recovered.

Four nuns live in the semi-detached property, although only two were there at the time of the attack.

The nuns did not call the police as they were too scared to leave the house and did not see any of the suspects.

Although the local community has been supportive of the nuns, some youngsters have abused them previously.

“Some teenagers make fun of us because we dress like Mother Teresa and they think we are Muslims,” the sister said.

The nuns work in the local community, helping vulnerable people such as the elderly or homeless. They also visit people in hospital.

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