Nepal: Catholics celebrate godparents & the Pope – Father’s Day

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Nepal CatholicsKathmandu, August 25, 2014: Today is Father’s Day in Nepal. In order to celebrate it in a worthy manner, Nepal’s Catholic community dedicated the day to the “parents in the faith” and the Holy Father.

“We have nothing against our Hindu friends,” a young Catholic woman told AsiaNews. “It is good for them to spend time with their biological fathers. We too will dine with family. But we also want to remember a different kind of figure, the one that raised us in faith. “

In fact, majority Hindus celebrate Father’s Day today. Young people buy gifts and spend the day with their family, whilst adults visit parents’ graves to pray and show respect to the ancestors.

Catholics, however, visit baptism and confirmation godparents after special morning Mass dedicated to Pope Francis and his intentions.

“I ​​woke up early to come to Mass in Kathmandu,” said Sabina Khatri, 38. “Later I bought a present and a picture of the pontiff, father to us all in the faith. Now I am going out to my godmother Tina Rai, who helped me on the path of faith and was with me when I was baptised.”

“This is not to criticise Hindus,” added Pravin Shaky. “Theirs is a beautiful way to spend the day. But we have our own, and we want to celebrate those who have given us essential lessons for our lives.”

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