Chikmagalur: Christian ladies beaten unconscious for refusing to convert

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Anti-Christian attacksKarnataka, August 08, 2013: Chikmagalur Dt., Mrs. Doddamma, a 42 year old widow lives with her 22 year old daughter in a Government Ashraya Mane in Chikmagalur, a house allotted to the poor and backward families in Karnataka. She works as a Cooli, a daily wage earner. Originally, she belonged to the Bhovi caste, a Hindu backward community. Three years ago she heard about the teachings of Jesus Christ and got herself converted to Christianity, and her daughter followed suit after some time. She attends the Rehebothe Prarthana Mandir Church and is a very active member of the Church and church activities, like the common prayers, sharing of the gospel and helping others in difficulties and so on. Her activities in the church were being followed very closely by the Hindu fundamentalists and they took very serious objections to it.

On the 18th of August, about 6.30 in the evening some members of these Hindu radical groups attacked their house and began questioning them as to why they are visiting other Hindu families in the locality, teaching them about Christianity and praying for them. They also questioned them as to who had given them permission to preach Christianity and convert Hindus to Christianity. After that both the mother and the daughter were dragged to the nearby temple and were ordered by the Hindu fanatics to reconvert themselves to Hinduism. But when both the mother and the daughter stood their ground and firmly refused to go back to Hinduism, they were ruthlessly beaten by the rabid Hindu fanatics and their house too was looted and the household things were thrown out on the road.When some of the neighbours saw Doddamma lying unconscious on the road, they immediately rushed her and got her admitted to the Government Hospital in Chikmagalur where she has been undergoing treatment. The police who were informed about it supposed to have filed cases against both the parties. Please pray for Doddamma and her daughter.


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