Children’s Vacation Bible School disrupted, venue vandalized by Hindu extremists in Delhi

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Bajrang dalDelhi, June 9, 2016: A four-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) programme attended by 200 local children was disrupted and the venue vandalized by a mob of Hindu extremists in an area known as Prem Nagar in the capital city of Delhi on 4 June 2016. When police arrived, summoned by the extremist mob, they detained the pastor and a church member, releasing them on the evening of the same day.

Pastor Rajpal Yadav, 40, and Mahesh Kumar, 22, were taken by the police to the Aman Vihar Police Station in Nangloi, West Delhi.

The incident took place on the last day of the VBS programme, run from 1-4 June by the Children’s Gospel Club. The programme was organised in an open space on the street, in front of the house of a Christian, Mahesh Kumar. The street was covered with tents and curtains for the event, with drinking water and refreshments available for the children.

A mob of about 40 activists from Bajrang Dal (a militant Hindu organisation that forms the youth wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad) stormed the venue and disrupted the programme.

“The mob suddenly arrived and started to vandalize the property. They pulled down the tent and curtains, overturned the refreshment table and spilled the drinking water. They sabotaged the instruments used for worship and threw the chairs here and there while abusing us with the filthiest language,” Pastor Rajpal Yadav, the pastor of the church and the coordinator of the VBS told Barnabas Fund, adding, “Many amongst the attackers were filming video from their cell phones while continuing to blame us of forceful conversion and said that we are defaming the country by doing such acts. We quickly instructed the volunteers, the staff of the VBS and the children to escape while the attackers were busy vandalising the place.”

Yadav and Kumar were the only ones left at the scene. The attackers questioned Kumar as to where the others were and started to assault him. “By then the police arrived and took us to the police station,” said Yadav.

Yadav has been conducting regular Sunday worship services in Kumar’s house for the past three years in Prem Nagar and ministering in the area for more than ten years. “The people who attacked us were not from our area, they seem to be summoned by someone especially for this task,” said Yadav.

“Around six months ago, our well-wishers had warned us of plans being formulated by Hindu extremists to stop our Church services and hamper our ministry in that area. The ministry has been growing rapidly with people from other faiths getting added to the Church family and many miracles are taking place,” he said.

Yadav revealed that the police had been very cooperative and good to them. They were kept inside the police station for about three hours while the agitated mob was outside the police station shouting anti-Christian slogans and accusing the Christians of forceful conversions and demanding their arrest. The police let Yadav and Kumar go once the mob outside the police station had dispersed.

“The policemen have been very understanding and protective towards us; they praised us for doing a good work by running programmes for children and doing service to the society,” said Yadav.

“The Hindus had kept an all-night worship of their god ‘Hanuman’ on 6 June in exactly the same place where the VBS programme was held by putting tents and curtains just the way the Christians had done,” Yadav told Barnabas.

Yadav told Barnabas that due to fear of further attacks, he had conducted the Sunday service in a different location on Sunday 5 June. “The people in our church said that they are ready to lay down their lives for Christ, but as pastors we have to ensure the security of our congregation”.

– barnabas team

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