Chitradurga: Pastor hospitalized after attack by Hindutva

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Anti-Christian attacksKarnataka, August 29, 2013: Pastor Paramajyothi, 28, is serving the Lord for the past 2 years in and around 15 villages of Mobanahalli village, MonakalmurooTaluk, Chitradurga District in Karnataka. He has his House Church in a rented building and has a congregation of about 60 believers. His wife, Rinci, 25, also works for the Lord along with her husband to win souls in the surrounding villages. They have two children, a boy named Pramod, 5, and a girl named Shreyas 1 year old.

On Sunday, 11th August 2013, at about 10 in the morning when the worship service was going on in the church, some Hindu fundamentalists attacked the pastor and dragged him out of the church and beat him mercilessly in front of the entire congregation and his family members. They dragged him on the road in such a way that his clothes got completely torn and they also stripped him almost naked. His entire body was bruised and 3 of his teeth were very badly damaged.

Some of the members of his church took the pastor to the Government Hospital of Chitradurga but as he couldn’t be treated there since his condition was very bad, they took him to the White Line Dental Hospital, in Davangere about 40 Kilometers away. He was admitted and kept there for a week under observation and for necessary treatment, after which he was discharged and advised for complete bed rest. The Pastor submitted a letter to the Bejikere Police Station requesting them to give him necessary protection as he was sternly warned by the Hindu radicals that he should vacate the house and leave the village in a week’s time. The Police have filed cases against both parties, the culprits as well as the victim, the pastor.

It is learnt that these villagers who are supposed to be very strong believers of Hinduism often resort to black-magic and witchcraft and also strongly oppose the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Earlier to this incident, it is also learnt that they have successfully chased away two pastors from the village who were attacked in the similar way and forced to leave the village. Please pray for the pastor, his family members and the congregation.


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