Christ statue vandalised by unknown persons in mumbai

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Mumbai, September 4, 2016: A statue of Jesus Christ was vandalised at Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai by unknown persons on Sunday. The statue of Jesus on Holy cross located next to Asha Colony was found broken which is usually taken care of by locals there.

Nicholas Almeida of Watch Dog Foundation said that one of the Police officers from Santa Cruz Police Station came and took the pieces of vandalised statue which means that he tampered with the evidence on-site.

Nicholas Almeida and his followers protested at the Police station and demanded that FIR be registered against unknown persons and the police officer who took away the broken pieces.

Mumbai police on the other hand said that they will be taking all the necessary actions including FIR against unknown persons. However, the Police denied mentioning any officer in the FIR.

Almeida later refused to file FIR till the police officer and unknown persons are made accused in the case.

Zonal DGP said that a FIR will be registered but didn’t mention any particular person or persons who would be named in it.

– news 18

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