Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan: Christians beaten & targeted

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Christian gatherings in India are often targeted by Hindu extremists

Christian gatherings in India are often targeted by Hindu extremists

India, October 16, 2013: A Christian man was beaten unconscious in a brutal attack by suspected Hindu extremists in India when he stood up for the right of Christians to gather peacefully.

The incident on 9 October started when five suspected Hindu extremists, who appeared to be drunk, forced their way into a prayer meeting that was taking place in a house in Neelam Patra, Surbuya, Chhattisgarh.

They asked the pastor to come outside, but Shyam Sunder intervened, telling the intruders to leave and not to disturb them again.

The Hindus then dragged Shyam to a field and hit him with thorny branches before taking him to a house where they knocked him unconscious with part of a plough. They revived him only to continue the assault by forcibly pouring alcohol into his mouth, tearing his clothes, dousing his body in alcohol and beating him up. The attackers repeated the onslaught three times.

Later that day, Shyam was found by church members on a road in a semi-conscious state with a deep wound on his head and cuts and bruises all over his body.

In a separate incident, which also took place in the same state, two Christian siblings were beaten up after they refused to deny their faith. Hindu extremists summoned Mankuram and Mankumar Singh to a temple in Kongud, Kondagoan, Chhattisgarh on 22 September and asked them to renounce Christ.

When the brothers refused, a Hindu mob attacked them, accusing the Singhs of forcibly converting people. The assailants then vandalised Mankuram and Mankumar’s home, locked up the property and chased them out of the village.

Although the Christians reported the matter to the police, the latter failed to register a case against the attackers. The extremists threatened further violence if the brothers did not withdraw their complaint.

Elsewhere, in the village of Hadothi in Rajasthan, police sided with Hindu extremists against a pastor whom they falsely accused of forcibly converting people.

Pastor Senthil Kumar was locked up for seven hours on 8 October after the Hindus lodged a complaint against him. They then pressurised the police to order the church leader to leave the village; an inspector threatened Pastor Kumar with physical harm if he did not go.

He was later released without charge and is now looking for somewhere to live in a neighbouring area. The church leader denied the allegation of forcibly converting people, saying that there were five Christian families in Hadothi and they had all freely decided to follow Christ.

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