Christian becomes telangana’s Deputy Chief Minister

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Thatikonda RajaiahIndia, June 23, 2014: Thatikonda Rajaiah, a Catholic by faith, has taken charge as the Deputy Chief Minister of the new formed state of Telangana in Southern India. He is also the Minister of Health and Education.

The Bishops of the Episcopal Council of Andhra Pradesh sent him a congratulatory message, assuring him of support through prayer.

T Rajaiah belongs to the Dalit community. He was educated in the Catholic Mission of Telangana by the PIME fathers. Rajaiah has paid great attention to social problems, the marginalized, religious minorities in his political commitment.

The Council of Bishops had earlier sent a Memorandum to the government of the new state. The document reminded that “the Church in Telangana, although a minority, contributes to 25% of social services in education, health and social services, particularly for the poorest and the weakest”.

The Memorandum also asked to cancel discrimination that the Dalit Christians suffer; to continue to subsidize the educational institutions run by the Church; to remove the ban on spreading one’s religion and guaranteeing freedom of religion, and to take steps to prevent communal violence.

The Bishops also invited the executive of the new state to financially support the efforts that the Church carries out in providing relief for the sick, street children, the homeless, the unemployed, the disabled, drug addicts and inattending to the prison pastoral, the rights of children and women’s empowerment.

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