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Kolhapur, October 11, 2016: Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP) Member of Parliament Dhananjay Mahadik on Monday assured a delegation from the Christian community in the city that efforts will be taken to set up an authority or a board for economic development for the community.

The delegation presented the MP with a memorandum of demands.

The representatives said that the youths from their community needed support from an independent authority that should be set up to look after needs for education and jobs.

“An authority should be formed through which all kinds of support can be extended to youngsters from the community to progress in all sectors. The competitive world has made situation worse for the community. The youth are highly educated, but they hardly get any jobs,” the petition submitted to Mahadik read.

Lack of funds have forced some of the state government-run schemes to shut down.

The ‘Annasaheb Patil Arthik Magas Vikas Mahamandal’ which is aimed at the economically backward community is one such affected scheme. One of the demands made by the Maratha community in the ongoing rallies is to grant funds of Rs 5,000 crore to the Mahamandal so that poor students gets financial assistance for studies.

– times of india

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