Seminar on religion freedom and Human Trafficking at Guwahati

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Stop Violence against Christians in indiaAssam, December 13, 2011: All India Christian Council (aicc) conducted a seminar on religious freedom and human trafficking at Guwahati, Assam today. Over sixty key Christian leaders from various denominations, mission organizations and communities participated. A chapter for the state of Assam was setup to monitor religious persecution and human trafficking challenges within the state.

The delegates testified during the open discussion that Christian minorities in Assam are facing severe persecution in the villages. Their complaints are denied by local authorities. The local chapter will network to address the problem of religious persecution in the state.

It is also learnt that the Assam government has not made known to minority communities about Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Program for Welfare of the minorities. Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Program has not benefited any minority Christian in the state of Assam.

Advocate Atungo Shitri, secretary, Peace and Justice of Council of Baptist Churches in North East India spoke on fundamental rights and religious freedom, as provided in the Indian constitution. He said, “Every Indian citizen has rights to profess and propagate any religion of choice anywhere in India. Anyone violating the fundamental rights must be brought under law of the land.”

Rev. Madhu Chandra, regional secretary and spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline took two sessions on the PM’s New 15 Point Programs for Welfare of Minorities, North East Migration and Challenges of Human Trafficking in mega cities.

“50 lakhs of North East Indians are expected to migrate to mega cities of India in next five years due to the lack of higher education infrastructure development in North East region. Thousands of them will land in the hands of human trafficking agents,” he said.

“It is high time the North East state governments addressed this challenge. The challenges of human trafficking in the NE region will become rampant when India’s “Look East Policy” opens the Integrated International Check Gate on the Indo-Burma border. It will become a hub of exit and entry for human trafficking in the South Asian region,” Madhu Chandra concluded.

The seminar ended with a resolution to compile a report on religious persecution in the state of Assam over the last five years and submit a report to the National Commission for Minorities, with copies to the state governor, chief minister and human rights commission.

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