Rajathani family attacked for not converting to Hinduism

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Rajasthan, August 14, 2013: Hindu militants came looking for Bro. Vishaal Behl and his wife Enid Behl at their house located at 435/3 Rajapark, Jaipur, Rajasthan India. This incident took place on 8/13/2013 at 2:30 pm.

Christian family attackedThere were 3 to 4 attackers that came. One person rang the bell and Bro Vishaal’s mother opened the door. He asked where are Vishaal and his wife and she said, they are not here. When he heard that, he forcefully opened the door, with two people outside waiting and giving him covering from outside the house. Two people entered the house and they had few outside making the attack secure for them.

They broke the things in the house and began to search the house and when they could not find Bro Vishaal and his wife, they threatened the mother to tell them where they were. She repeatedly told them that they were not there. Then they said to the mother that they will kill them and cut them into pieces if they do not convert back to Hinduism, and then repeatedly they attacked the mother. They had a stick, a knife and other weapons. They beat the mother mercilessly and she sustained serious head and leg injuries. She began to shout and cry for help as she fell on the floor and couldn’t help herself.

The persecutors continuously told the lady that they would kill Vishaal and his wife, and if she wants to live she better let them know where they are. After some time some one from out side came to see what was happening. Immediately, the attackers were alerted and they left. They were wearing helmets, but when one of them when he took off his helmet the lady recognized him. Police from Transport Nagar police station have taken the reports and have filed FIR about the incident. Bro Vishaal and his family are at a huge danger. The name of their Ministry is Fire of God ministries.

Please pray for them..

– persecution.in

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