Christian girl denied last rites in Christian cemetery

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Maharashtra, October 16, 2016: The head of Katli (Chak) village, summoned the entire villagers on 16th October 2016, and repeated his threat of social excommunication if anyone from the area is found associating with the two Christian families who had been excommunicated last year by him and the village committee. “The village head told the people that if anyone is found associating (even talking) with us (Christians), they will have to pay INR 501 as fine,” informed Suraj, one of the Christians who had been excommunicated last year.

The Gedam family and the Shende family were excommunicated by the village head in October last year. The decision was communicated to them by the village head who had summoned them close to midnight sometime in October 2015. The villagers were told to isolate the two Christian families from all community activities including functions, funerals and other social gatherings.

“Filling water from the public tap became a very difficult task for us since that decision last year; villagers ridicule us with demeaning words everytime we go to fill water at the common tap. We are barred from buying vegetables, groceries from anyone within the village, so for every small need, we have to travel far distances,” said Suraj Gedam, son of Vanita Gedam while narrating their ordeal to EFI. “We thought people’s attitude would change with time, but it is still the same even after a year,”added Suraj.

The Christian had approached the Tanta Mukti Kendra (Problem Solving Centre) to intervene in their social situation but they refused to help. Instead the Christians were advised to file a complaint with the police, which they did on the 7th October 2016, but no action has been taken as yet.

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