Christian man killed for not converting to Islam

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Christian man killedPakistan, April 24, 2014: A 22-year-old Christian working as a janitor at an Islamic Centre in Lahore was shot dead by a Muslim security guard colleague two days before Good Friday for refusing to convert to Islam.

Haroon, alias Sunny, had only recently taken up the job and had been working with his assailant Umer Farooq, who had been persuading him to convert to Islam, promising him a life of luxury.

Haroon who persistently refused the suggestion reportedly stated on the day of the murder that he was a true follower of Jesus Christ. Farooq was angered by the remark and fired on Haroon. The bullet pierced his head, killing him on the spot. The murderer later tried to call it a suicide.

The police took the security guard into custody immediately but an FIR was registered only after local Christians held protest demonstrations.

Nasir Saeed, Director CLAAS-UK, condemned the killing and said that there were several cases of religious intolerance and torture against Christians in Muslim-majority Pakistan.

“Recently a report published by MSP said that 1000 young Christian and Hindu women were forcibly converted to Islam. There are also incidents where young men and boys are also forced to convert to Islam, and murdered or implicated in false cases if they refuse,” he said.

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