Christian mother killed by Muslim attacker after rape attempt in Pakistan

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Korang Road karachi

Korang Road karachi

Pakistan, October 18, 2011: Zubaida Bibi (35), a cleaner at a garment factory in East Karachi, was attacked by a Muslim co-worker on 12 October. She went into the bathrooms to clean the facilities and he followed her, locking the door behind them.

When he attempted to assault Zubaida sexually, she cried for help, at which point the attacker pulled out a dagger and slit her throat. She died at the scene. He was arrested at the factory after the management called the police.

Zubaida leaves husband Younas Masih and children Arifa Bibi, Uroosa Bibi, Shahzaib Masih and Aurengzaib Masih.

Younas said:

I want justice… My wife was innocent and noble lady. She was working for our children.

Christian women are particularly vulnerable to sexual attacks by influential Muslims in Pakistan, and incidents are on the rise. They often go unreported, and if a case does reach the courts, the Muslim culprits often walk free.

Barnabas Fund supports a Pakistani Christian legal organisation, CLAAS, that helps women who are victims of rape and other crimes. Lawyers fight for cases to be taken up by the authorities and pursue justice for women in the courts.

CLAAS recently secured a conviction in the case of a 20-year-old Christian woman, Gulshan Bibi, who had been gang raped. After a long and protracted court battle, during which CLAAS faced pressure from influential opponents, the main culprit, Aman Ullah, was sentenced to life imprisonment, while co-accused Ramzan alias Jani was given a five-year jail term.

( Tradition traces the beginnings of Christianity in Pakistan to the mission work of the apostle Thomas, and some churches in Ancient India have a long history. The subsequent Islamic conquest eliminated Christianity in the region for several hundred years. However a significant Christian population has grown over the last couple of centuries and believers now number some 3.6 million people in a population of 160 million, the largest minority group in Pakistan ahead of Hindus, Baha’i and others.

In 1956 Pakistan became an Islamic Republic (the country is 96% Muslim), and since 1991 policy has increasingly been influenced by an Islamist minority.

Christians are under heavy pressure in Pakistan. It is estimated that 75% of Christians are marginalised in the lowest strata of society, working in brick-kilns, as sweepers, sewer cleaners or labourers. Barnabas Fund supports many projects in Pakistan including a large feeding programme in multiple communities, Christian schools, health, Scriptures provision, support for pastors, practical support and women’s issues. )

– barnabas team

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