Christian nurse fired for praying with patients, talking about Jesus at hospital in England

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U.K., December 12, 2016: A Christian nurse has been fired by England’s National Health Service after several patients allegedly complained that she spoke about Jesus Christ with them, though the nurse insists she simply offered to pray with patients and comforted those who voluntarily spoke about religion.

The MailOnline reports that Sister Sarah Kuteh, who has over 15 years of experience, mostly in intensive care, was fired by the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust after several complaints came in that she discussed religion with parents.

Kuteh, who is now suing for unfair dismissal from her job at Darent Valley hospital in Dartford, Kent, asked: “How could telling anyone about Jesus Christ really be harmful to any patient?”

The nurse added that she was required to complete a questionnaire with patients as part of her job, with one of the questions specifically asking about religion.

She continued: “Most of (the patients) have had life changing, some of them have told me devastating diagnosis.

“I am very passionate about nursing — it gives me an opportunity to step into the patents’ shoes and encourage them and empower them and make them realize things aren’t as bad as it might seem.”

Kuteh explained that sometimes she talked about the peace she has found in Jesus Christ with patients who were “feeling really, really devastated” about their conditions, and would offer to pray with them before operations.

“I reassure them on the basis of the joy and peace I have found in the Lord,” she said.

NHS insisted that several patients complained that the nurse was “preaching” to them, however, and that she continued doing so even after she was asked to stop.

A spokesman for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust said a statement: “We have a duty to our patients to ensure that when they are at their most vulnerable, they are not exposed to the unsolicited beliefs and/or views of others, religious or otherwise.

The spokesman added: “Following several complaints from patients and a warning which did not result in any change in behaviour, we feel we have acted appropriately in the management of this case.”

The nurse claimed that the only religious discussions she had was with patients who voluntarily asked for it, however.

“This has exposed me to financial poverty and possible homelessness,” Kuteh said about losing her job.

A recently released report on the way anti-discrimination laws are being used as “weapons” against Christians in U.K. court cases was released last week, arguing that laws such as the Equality Act 2010 have led to an erosion of religious liberties.

James Orr, a McDonald post-doctoral fellow in theology, ethics and public life at Christ Church, University of Oxford, who authored the report, told The Christian Post last week that Christians are being forced to go to court to defend their religious freedom on an increasing basis, which threatens the freedoms for all in society.

“The problem is that the cultural wars are being driven into the court rooms,” Orr told CP, noting that “courts are being turned into battlefields between minority groups who should [instead] be debating in society.”

The report proposes a new British Bill of Rights, which asks employers and regulators “to demonstrate reasonable accommodation toward those who wish to express their religious convictions in the public sphere.”

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