Christian Protest of Candle-lit Rally of Warangal

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Candle-lit Rally of WarangalWest Bengal, March 18, 2015: A loudly silent protest rally against the atrocities committed against Christians all over India especially the Catholic nun of 72 years in West Bengal and the constant attacks on churches and institutions was led by Bishop Udumala Bala. About 600 Catholics and Protestant Christians went on a Dharna in the heart of Warangal city. A good number of priests and nuns participated along with laity expressing solidarity and anguish and demanded justice for victims.

In a strong worded speech, Bishop Udumala Bala condemned the heinous acts committed by some anti-social and anti-Christian elements against the innocent and peace loving Christians across the nation. He voiced out his anguish and demanded safety of the Church personnel. The bishop opined that these crimes seemed to have an organized strategy to intimidate Christians. He expressed his deep sentiments of solidarity with those who are persecuted including the aged and ailing nun who was raped in West Bengal and expressed  surprise that there were no arrests made even after 5 days. His anxiety for the safety of the Christians in the face of various religious fundamentalists was clear and loud.

Under the guise of nationalism the way the government is handling the situation is causing fear among Christians. He condemned all these barbaric acts and encouraged the gathering to be fearless to serve the nation in the name of Christ, who told not only  to show the other cheek when one strikes on the one, but also questioned when a soldier struck him in front of high priest.

Brief but strong messages of solidarity and the need for Unity among all the Christians were delivered by a few priests, nuns, protestant pastors and lay young woman and men.

As a fitting climax of the protest dharna, all the members marched in procession on the main streets for 30 minutes with lighted candles, placards & banners and singing hymns of forgiveness and justice. All the participants lauded the daring call of Bishop Dr. Udumala Bala to protest in unison as one Church of Christ.

Electronic and print media covered this protest dharna and rally and gave wide publicity.

– warangal diocese

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