Christian representation Needed. No end to communal attacks yet?

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Archbishop Moras welcomes Karnataka CM

Congress came to power defeating the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party in the May 5 polls.

Archbishop Moras welcomes Karnataka CMKarnataka, May 16, 2013: Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore on Tuesday visited the newly elected chief minister Siddaramaiah of Karnataka and sought reservation for Christian in his cabinet.

The prelate also wanted the government reserve positions for Christians when appointing chairpersons to Boards and Corporations, reported

The archbishop who is also the President of Karnataka Region Council of Catholic Bishops (KRCBC), extended greetings to the new Congress chief minister on behalf of all Christians and the Bishops of Karnataka.

Congress came to power defeating the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP- Indian people’s party) in the May 5 polls. Congress won 121 seats in the 223-member state assembly and BJP could muster only 40.

Leaders of Christians and Muslims say during the BJP rule the government tacitly supported violence against religious minorities.

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No end to communal incidents in Coastal Karnataka

No end to communal incidents in Coastal KarnatakaKarnataka, May 14, 2013: A series of ‘minor’ communal incidents in the coastal districts of Karnataka – both during and after the assembly elections – have raised several questions over the worsening inter-community relations among concerned citizens of the undivided South Canara district.

  • 20 March 2013: The Election Commission officially declares the polling dates for the assembly elections in Karnataka.
  • 20 March 2013: A group of miscreants allegedly belonging to Sangh Parivar outfit pelts stones at the house of a person belonging to minority community at Padu Thonse Bengre in coastal district of Udupi, for possessing cattle. According to attackers the cattle was meant for illegal cattle trafficking. The restrain practiced by members of minority community and timely intervention by the Police defuses communal tension.
  • 2 April 2013: A group of miscreants pelts stones at a Prayer House of minority community in Kallianpur of same Udupi district. Again, the minorities’ tolerance and Police intervention thwart further worsening of situation.
  • 21 April 2013: A tense atmosphere prevails in Ullal town and surrounding areas of Mangalore after a minor accident led to communal clash and vandalism.
  • 5 May 2013: An uptight atmosphere prevails at Uchila village in coastal district of Udupi after some miscreants throw a beer bottle inside a Prayer House of minorities. The timely intervention by the Police controls the situation.
  • 8 May 2013: The assembly election results are out. Congress party wins the elections with comfortable majority.
  • 9 May 2013: Miscreants place a severed feet of a cow on a ‘Tulasi Katta’ {The Basil Plant (popularly known as Tulasi) is planted in a pedestal (katta) before every Hindu home and worshiped every morning and evening} of a Hindu’s house near Someshwar-Uchil on the outskirts of Mangalore city. Intervention of local MLA neutralizes the tension.
  • 10 May 2013: Miscreants pelt stones at a Prayer House of minority community at Kaup -Polipu in Udupi district in the wee hours, damaging the glass panes and walls of the building. Restrain by the Community and intervention of the Police and local MLA circumvent the untoward consequences.
  • 10 May 2013: Miscreants dump severed hooves of a cow inside the compound of a Temple, close to the place where a similar incident had occurred on 9 May, near Someshwar-Uchil on the outskirts of the coastal city Mangalore.
  • 10 May 2013: Four youths belonging to minority community were assaulted during the victory procession of BJP candidate of Karkala. It is said that the youth were standing on the roadside and were attacked after they refused to smear (tilak) vermillion on their forehead.

Routine incidents, but citizens apprehensive:

The occurrence of these incidents – that could perturb the already sensitive atmosphere of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts – after the outcome of 2013 state assembly elections, have left people apprehensive.

For Suresh Bhat Baakrabail, an ardent campaigner for communal harmony, such incidents are not new to this region. “As per my records, incidents of moral policing by right wing activists declined during the election; maybe they were busy in canvassing for their candidates,” said Bhat.

“But, this kind of incidents will continue as usual; there are very chances that it will increase under the rule of non-BJP governments, as we could see it in past,” he said.

Indeed, there were more riots under the rule of Congress, as alleged by the BJP men. The question why is that so? And who are behind it, he asked. “The Sangh Parivar, the driving force behind such attempts, has been doing it since decades.”

It doesn’t mean that untoward incidents did not happen under BJP rule; it happened, but in other way, he said referring incidents of pub-attacks, home-stay attack and moral policing.

Referring the series of incidents post election-results, he said that it could be a strategy to further polarize the society keeping in mind the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Thinker-writer G Rajashekhar opines that it is too early to judge something out of these incidents. These are part of routine incidents in these districts, he said.

There are two possibilities- it may increase and may not increase in future. If the BJP has really learnt a right lesson out of last elections, it will not revere the idea of communal agenda further, he said.

The question is, would the foot-soldiers give-up the established trend and keep quiet even if the BJP leaders do not endorse it, he added.

The day-to-day untoward incidents, pub attack, home-stay attack and etc have left the deep impression in the minds of concerned people of the districts, he said.

Saying that a section of media and administration always supported Sangh’s ideology in all possible means, he said, “I also hope that the last assembly election will drive them to change their mindset.”

Poor performance by BJP (a.k.a.) Sangh:

Political thinkers term the defeat of the BJP in last assembly election as the defeat of Sangh’s ideology. There is no distinction between the Sangh and the BJP in this region, says Rajashekhar.

The voters of the region, which is known as Hindutva bastion post Babri Masjid demolition, have deserted the BJP in last assembly elections. Out of 13 constituencies of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts, only one candidate has won the elections in each district.

While the BJP has lost almost 2 percentage points of its share of polled votes in last elections compared to 2008 in Dakshina Kannada, the party has witnessed depletion of vote share by over 16 percentage points in Udupi district.

Rajshekhar, who also analyzed the election results of the Udupi assembly constituency, says that BJP has lost in 199 of 204 booths. “The middle class, lower middle class and women of Hindu community have lost the trust on BJP and have discarded the communal ideology.”

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