Christian Sanitary worker dies as Muslim doctors deny treatment on touching in fasting

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Pakistan, June 3, 2017: A Christian Sanitary worker who became unconscious after cleaning gutter kept struggling for life in hospital of Umerkot for 35 minutes and died without any medical support when Muslim doctors denied to touch his dirty body as they were fasting.

The Holy Month of Ramadan in Pakistan is underway when Muslims are fasting like other Islamic states around world. The Holy month of Ramadan is termed as month of blessings, forgives, peace and love according to Islam but in remote district of Thar desert of Sindh this Holy Month of Ramadan turned in cruelty when Muslim doctors who were fasting observed a human being dying before their eyes and cries of relatives and coworkers of Sanitary workers not pushed them to mercy and love.

According to details, one Christian employee of Municipal committee of city of Umerkot, named as Irfan Masih entered in gutter for cleaning on June 1, 2017, during duty timings on orders of his officer and due to poisonous gases became unconscious.

On the same time two more men jumped inside to save Irfan and others who trapped but all fell unconscious due to the same reason.

According to Irfan`s brother Pervaiz Masih “After he received the call about the incident he reached the occurred place and pulled his brother out of the manhole and rushed to Civil hospital as quickly as possible.

In the Civil Hospital Umerkot, sewer cleaner Irfan Masih kept gasping for breath, his family members pleaded with the hospital staff to treat him, but the senior doctor at the facility refused to touch his sludge-covered body as he was “fasting”.

Dr Yousaf said to his ward boy to wash ugly Christian first otherwise I do not want to touch his body because I am on fasting and my clothes will be dirty if I touched him and walked away.

After this Parvaiz Masih cleaned his brother and requested the doctors again but the one of the doctor named Dr Allah Dad Rathored replied to parviaz Masih that don`t disturb us we know that well about our job and also know how to treat patients and after which an oxygen pump was sent for Irfan, that was empty, so, he died.

The FIR ( first information report ) has been lodged under section 319,34 PPC against six suspects including three doctors on behalf of the father of Irfan Masih.

According the police one of the accused Dr Jaam kunbhar has been arrested and two others have fled away.

Pak Center For Law and Justice (PCLJ) said, doctor committed criminal negligence in this case. it is a example of prejudice and hatred which Pakistani Christians are facing in Pakistan. Doctor should be punished and justice should be done in this case.

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