Christian teenager raped and killed by Muslim in Pakistan

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Christian teenager rapedPakistan, June 11, 2014: Barnabas partners in Pakistan are pursuing justice for the family of a Christian teenager who was raped and killed by a young Muslim man.

Sanwal Masih (17) from Gujranwala died on 29 May. He had been violated and poisoned at the estate where he worked at Dhalia Chatta Tehsil Wazirabad.

The teenager was found collapsed and faint by some children who immediately informed his family. Sanwal’s uncle rushed to the scene and took him to hospital but, due to his critical condition, he had to be transferred to another unit. On the way there, Sanwal told his uncle what had happened to him. He died on transfer to a third hospital.

Following Sanwal’s death, the owner of the estate came to his family’s house and threatened them in an attempt to force them to bury the body immediately.

But they refused, and reported Sanwal’s murder to the police. A First Information Report, which launches an investigation in Pakistan, was lodged, a post-mortem carried out and the accused arrested.

CLAAS, a Christian legal organisation in Pakistan that Barnabas supports, is helping the grieving family. They are carrying out their own enquiries and pursuing justice for Sanwal.

As a despised minority, Christians are often denied justice in Pakistan, especially when their case is against a Muslim/Muslims.

– barnabas team

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