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Andhra Pradesh, June 25, 2102: A whole-day long Seminar in the most-modern Conference Hall comforted by AC with lunch break for a wholesome meal was well-organized with a large number of enthusiastic participants from all parts of Andhra Pradesh. And their strength including those who departed soon after the inaugural session was 120 approximately from all 23 districts of the State.

The basic objective of the Seminar is to encourage the Christian Writers to bring out good literary works which promotes communal harmony with a view to preparing them to write more secular literary works and pay a better role in the society as a Christian Writer.

The Seminar on the Social Consciousness of AP Christian Writers, that started with a prayer,  was very much the joint venture of Andhra Pradesh Christian Welfare Association (APCWA), which was co-sponsored by State Govt, APS(M)FC,  AP Christian Writers’ Association and KVLR Centre for preparation of Telugu Encyclopedia, Telugu University, Hyderabad, conducted at the Conference Hall of the Potti  Sriramulu Telugu University on Saturday, the 23rd June 2012 from 10 am and was prolonging till late in the evening to compensate the time taken by power-cut of the State for sometime soon after the sumptuous lunch.

Prof. Elluri Shiva Reddy was the Chief Guest, who laid emphasis on the importance of contribution of Christian writers and Christian journalism. 

Smt Jayasudha Kapoor, MLA, spoke about how the Lord, Jesus Christ, saved her and gave her almost a resurrected Jayasudha during a shooting in Hongkong. She said that there is a need to get help from the Govt for the development of the minority Christians. She said she would do her best in this regards. She also pointed out that in the changing times, Christians need to know how to exercise their power to improve upon the society. She added that each Christian is in a way a warrior to safe-guard the interest of Christianity.

Smt Christina Lazarus, MLA, was in her usual positive self speaking in English and encouraging the Writers’ audience and said that she would do her best to get a Christian Chair to Potti Sriramulu University to concentrate on the various aspects of the Christian culture that contributes to the Indian fabric of ethnicity.

The film-artist K. Raja graced the occasion and sat for a very long time, unlike the two MLAs  and wanted the writers and film-producers to come out to do films that project the life history of Jesus in Telugu in order for the mass to know the Lord much more. He said that very recently Hollywood produced a film that had a box-office collection of Rs 650 cr ! So the people are very much interested in the Lord. The film immaculately brought out emotions of Jesus during the last few hours Jesus experienced in agony, he pointed out. 

JR. Sudhir, MD of APS(M)FC chaired the inaugural session and said a writer never dies and his writings always live with the people from generation to generation.

Rev. Dr  Dass Babu delivered his key-note address. He is said to have recorded actual version of all the eminent persons who delivered their speech so effectively so future sessions can be conducted more effectively on the basis the writers spoke in length.

Prof. K. Anandan and Prof. K. Aseervadham of Telugu University organized the whole seminar and continued his presence from start to finish, also giving briefs of the conference to journalists who gathered out the hall for publication in the newspapers like Andhra Jyothi. 

The seminar was divided into 5 parts. The first session was by the poets. The participants were initially asked to introduce themselves and how they were inspiring the people of the State. Dr Kondepogu Livinstone, chaired the session  and Dr Karunakar facilitated it and spoke the value of the seminar;   nearly 10 writers participated and shared their experience in the session.

The second session was on research activities conducted on Christian literature and culture and discussed the main theme of the session. Prof. K. Anandan chaired the session of the Research and he suggested that so far much research was not done on the topic of Christian literature and culture. So he made some valuable suggestions to improve upon the situation like conducting comparative study of various aspects of Indian culture and said the Biblical culture should be thoroughly studied. Seven research scholars expressed that it is necessary to take up the research the special focus being on the contribution of Christianity to Indian culture as a whole and social awareness in particular.

Electronic media including TV and Radio : III session was conducted on electronic media. Sri Paul Devaprium Pulla chaired the session and he suggested that the Christian writers and artists should come forward and extend their cooperation in telecasting the significance of Christian culture and values and their contribution to enlighten the society.

Next Session was by Print Media personnel : Six editors of various Christian  periodicals attended the session and they expressed that all the magazines should concentrate to solve the problems of Christians and fight with the Govt to recognize their contributions and values.

The last session was on the Biblical philosophy. The Christian philosophy is very much necessary to control the atrocities being perpetrated by some of the fundamentalist forces.  Pastors and evangelists participated in the session; they insisted that we should get rid of the present state of world problems to dedicate more on the Love of Jesus of Christ. He further added that it is very necessary to go the roots of the society and impart awareness among the poorest of the poor.

The seminar concluded with finalization of action plan and vote of thanks by Dr Dass Babu and Prof. K. Anandan.

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