Christians Assaulted and Arrested in Karnataka *Fear grips Kandhamal – 4th Tense Christmas as Christians forced by strike call *Pastor and believers arrested in Madhya Pradesh

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KandhamalKarnataka, December 26, 2011: On Christmas day, while Christians across the world were celebrating the Christmas, in Suratkal, Mangalore, a believer invited some 20 – 25 Hindu friends to his house for Christmas dinner. FCCO informs that it learnt, some anti Christian, Hindu fundamentalists attacked them with knife, swords, etc. In the attack one person broke his backbone and one was severely beaten, necessitating hospitalisation.

Earlier, ten Christians, including six women were arrested on Friday evening, 16 December, 2011 in Jalahalli, a village in Bhadravathi, Shimoga District of Karnataka after they were falsely accused of forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity. The group of believers were repeatedly invited to have a prayer meeting in a new convert Venkatesh’s home, and while at the prayer meeting, they were attacked by a mob allegedly belonging to the Hindu fundamentalists groups, who threatened them and also injured some of the believers.
The Christian have been identified as Pastor Sagar Guntur, elders Prabhudas, Solomon Babu, Alwyn and Salomi, Deborah and Jaya. One Christian identified as George was declared as absconding by the police. The lawyers for the Christians informed that the Christians were taken into police custody and eight Christians were later released on bail.

– efi

Fear grips Kandhamal – 4th Tense Christmas as Christians forced by strike call


Kandhmal, December 26, 2011: Many Kandhmal Christians those who work within and outside the district did not prefer to go home for Christmas as the Sangh Parivar outfits were allowed a rally and bandh on 26th of December 2011. Fearing that they  would not make it back to their offices on 26th December, as they would be caught in the bandh strike, they opted for no celebration of Christmas for yet another year. Secondly, most of the Christians do not own transport – four wheelers or two wheelers. Parivar fundamentalists ensured over time, that the personal transport of most Christians,  were burnt down or dismantled and parts were taken. Thus during the strike-bandh, with no government/public transport buses also not plying, Christians were left with not alternative but, depend on local private transportation. This too was not an option as almost all such transport is owned by those who affiliated or who yield to the dictates of Sangh Parivar. The fundamentalists sent notices to these owners not to operate in Kandhamal on the days coinciding with Christmas. Thus, it has had an adverse impact on the mobility of Christians, who most of the times have to travel as much as at least ten kilometers to reach their Churches for Christmas celebration.
The bandh-call given by Sangh Parivar from 24th to 27th December in Kandhamal district is similar to calls since 2007, coinciding with the Christmas season. It is thus clear that the reasons for bandh-calls are intended to create obstacles and disturb the religious observation of Christmas, besides browbeating and terrorizing the Christians in the area. Last year the reason was to remember/protest the murder of ‘Hindus’ during violence, this year to demand the punishment for fake-caste certificate holders. Such issues are remembered not through out the year and have only one objective – provoke Christians. The bandh call had its harvests in 2007 and 2008 by facilitating large scale anti-Christian violence, when the district administration utterly failed to take any measure to protect the lives, properties of thousands of people. This time too, no proactive measures have been taken by the authorities, despite appealing at least three times to the district collector. 
– fr. ajay singh, jugal kishore ranjit, bipracharan nayak and others

Pastor and believers arrested in Madhya Pradesh 


Madhya Pradesh, December 26, 2011: A pastor of the Indian Pentecostal Church, identified as Titus and few other Christians were arrested after being charged under Section 3 and 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act after a complaint was registered against them by local villagers in the Sendwa in Badhwani District of Madhya Pradesh on December 2, 2011. While they were in the police station about 20 men from radical a Hindu organisation barged into the police station demanding arrest of the pastor. Pastor Titus and the other Christians were released, after bail was posted by local Christians on their behalf. The police also seized the vehicle they were using along with some CDs and Bibles.

– efi

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