Christians detained by Saudi religious police in raid on private home

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Saudi-Religious-PoliceSaudi, September 24, 214: The Saudi religious police arrested and detained overnight at least 27 people accused of practising Christianity in a house church.

The Christians were gathered at a home in the Eastern Province city of Khafji when the house was raided by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Those detained on 5 September were expatriates from various Asian nationalities, and some reports suggest that children were arrested as well.

After being held in prison overnight, all but one of those arrested were released the following day, according to International Christian Concern. One individual was detained until 7 September, reportedly because of an issue with his visa. The Saudi authorities also confiscated copies of the Bible and musical instruments.

The house had been placed under surveillance immediately after a citizen told the religious police that his Indian neighbour had converted his home into a Christian church. After witnessing a large number of individuals enter the home, officers called for backup and proceeded to raid the house.

The only religion which is allowed to be practised in public in Saudi Arabia is Islam. No public places of worship for non -Muslims exist. Although expatriate Christians in the country are supposedly permitted to practise their faith in private, they may face harassment and arrest.

– barnabas team

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