Christians in Jharkhand attacked, police fails to arrest attackers

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attack-on-christiansJharkhand, February 20, 2012: Christians in Chaibasa district of Jharkhand were forced to leave their village after a series of attacks against them by local villagers. In the latest attack on Jan 29, Sunday, a mob of local villagers, closed down all the exit points of the village and attacked the Christians with iron rods, cane, axe, arrow and sharp weapons. Rev. Rajendra Babu, a local missionary of the Friends Missionary Prayer Band, was attacked with iron rods while he trying to leave the village, breaking the helmet he was wearing. Members of the mob also beat up three other Christians identified only as Madan Muduiya, Sunil and Vinod.

The mob continued on their rampage, breaking doors, windows and destroying the furniture and crockery in the house of a Christian . The mob also dragged some the Christians including children inside the room and locked it from outside and attempted to set the room ablaze. The arrival of the Officer In-Charge of the Hat Gamharia P.S. at the spot thankfully did not result in any further incident. The Christians have currently left the village and are living in a nearby church premises without adequate food and clothing. The animals belonging to the Christians have also been slaughtered and their harvest stock was also destroyed.

The local administration has failed to take any action against the attackers in spite of registering an FIR on the 29 January, 2012 u/s 147, 148, 149, 341, 323 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code. Earlier, in October 2011 Smt. Lilima Sundi, w/o Sri Jambira Sundi was chased, thrashed and strangled in an attempt to kill her. The Drum stick tree of Sri Borjo Birua was cut down. He was also abused and threatened. They were restrained to use the water from the well provided by the government. Presently they are using water for drinking purpose from a nearby nullah (stream).

In a subsequent incident, the Christians were accused of poisoning the well which was subsequently investigated by the Officer In-Charge of Gamharia P.S. and found to be false. Again after a week the home of the Christians were attacked and their pots, utensils and cots were broken into pieces. The trees adjoining there property were cut down. The local villagers also desecrated the nullah (stream) water which was used for drinking purpose by throwing animal waste and rotten intestines etc. thus forcibly depriving the victims of their basic necessities.

In yet another attack, a week later all the roads were sealed for the victims forcing them to prevent moving out of the village. The villagers also imposed stricter diktat prohibiting the victims to share the forest resources. On 29th January, 2012 a reconciliation meeting was called by the Munda (village head) informing the villager who were responsible for the attacks against the Christians identified as Chkra Sundi, Gardi Sundi, Mara Sundi, Birse Sundi, Bawani Birua, Ghore Birse Birua, Dinesh Birua, Mahipal Birua, Juddu Birua, Nara Birua, Ghora Juddu, Bundiram Birua, Kaira Birua, Pargana Birua, Narkan Birua, Charan Birua, Murli Birua and others to attend the same. They boycotted the meeting.

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