Christians urged to help and pray for those affected by severe heat and water scaricity

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India, May 23, 2016: As India bears the brunt of a record breaking heat wave, accompanied by a drought and a lack of water, Christians are being urged to set forward to help and pray for those affected by the extreme weather. It has been estimated that about 330 million Indians have been affected by the ongoing drought in the southern India.

In the face of the unrelenting drought, Indian Partners- a US based Christian development and relief organization which is partnering with India reported that it has become a life-threatening situation to fetch water in some of the drought struck areas. While speaking about the dire situation in the drought-hit areas, Donna Glass from the Indian Partners said that the water supply in some parts of India is at present scarce. While, water from some of the water resources has been declared unsafe for drinking purposes.

“Those sources are very low water levels that are also becoming contaminated as people are taking their animals to it to drink,” Glass said. This poses an impending health risk to the residents, she explained. “It makes the water unsafe to drink, so if they can even get water, it’s still making people sick,” she said.

In the midst of this gloomy situation, Donna Glass has called upon Christians all over the world to extend help to India’ drought stricken people. She explained that a donation of just $20 will enable the charity group to provide 400 to 500 people with clean drinking water every day.

“We’re trying to live out the Gospel and it’s what we’re called to do to our neighbors here in the United States, to our neighbors in India. That’s why it’s so important that we take action,” she said while adding, “Prayers can also help those suffering in India due to the intense heat. Pray that people would see Christ in this service in the bringing of the water. Pray that the temperatures would drop.”

– christians in pakistan

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