Mumbai: St. Thomas Cathedral antique lectern missing

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30-kg eagle lectern ‘flies’ from St. Thomas Cathedral

Mumbai, July 18, 2012: 30-kg eagle lectern ‘flies’ from St. Thomas Cathedral.

The antique eagle lectern, a distinctive brass ‘Bible support’ in many old British churches of pre-Independence India, was discovered missing from St Thomas Cathedral of the Church of North India at Horniman Circle in South Mumbai.

The MRA Marg police have filed a case of theft against unknown persons and are investigating the case.

The eagle shaped lectern (used for reading scriptures during services in the church) is made of brass and weighs more than 30 kilos. It was reportedly missing from the church premises.

According to the police, the church authorities searched for it for a few hours and later filed a complaint. Nearly 20 cops were sent in to investigate the matter.

Acting on the complaint, the police officials questioned several shopkeepers around the church. A local shopkeeper said, “In the evening, police officials questioned us on whether we saw anyone taking away the lectern from the church. They were also looking out for locations of CCTV cameras around the church premises.”

 “This is a commercial area and is always busy during the daytime. So the cops interrogated the pay-and-park attendants too. However, I don’t think that this robbery must have happened during the day as no one saw it,” said another shopkeeper.  

An official of the MRA Marg police station, who chose not to be named, said, “We are exploring all angles in the case. The antique lectern was made of brass and was heavy, so it must have been carried out of the church by at least two persons. Also, since no-one seems to have noticed anything, it is likely that the crime took place at night. There is also a possibility that this must be an act of drug addicts.”

The Cathedral, which is the earliest-constructed church in Mumbai with the foundation stone laid in 1676, was consecrated as such in 1837. Currently, it is being guarded by two guards from the well-known Topsgrup. It is learned that their statements have also been taken by the police.

– philip varghese

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