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Churches in Nigeria install metal detectors after bomb threats

July 4, 2011 by  
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A Church in Nigeria up in flames after a bomb attack

A Church in Nigeria up in flames after a bomb attack

Churches in predominantly Muslim northern Nigeria are now being fitted with metal detectors because of threats of bomb attacks. Worshippers in Christian churches are also having their bags and persons searched over fears of explosives being smuggled inside.
Nigerians, who give gifts frequently, are being warned that the gifts, too, can be rigged to explode.
The unusual measures were precipitated by several bombing attacks against churches in the region attributed to the radical Islamic group Boko Haram.
Last Christmas Eve, more than 80 people were killed in numerous attacks in the region.
Just last weekend, Boko Haram killed 25 people during attacks on several beer gardens in the city of Maidugur.
A week prior to that, eight people were killed when Boko Haram attacked police headquarters in the capital Abuja.
The churches in the northern region are not the only places where heightened security is being put in place. In Abuja, a 10 p.m. curfew was imposed on Wednesday through much of the city.
Boko Haram says it is fighting for Islamic rule, and campaigns against all political and social activity associated with the West.

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