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Delhi, July 18, 2012: First paperless convention ever of Religious.

Is it possible that about 225 participants of a 3days Convention of Religious could be paperless? Who ever imagined that today a crowd of young religious will have access and will come to Delhi with laptop computers for a conference on consecrated life?

They looked like the natives of the digital world. Even those who were not familiar with the instrument were able to play with it in the company of their own kind. Who says that religious life is irrelevant and outdated?

A year ago when the Pope spoke of priesthood in the digital world it sounded a pious wish. Consecrated life people who have been always the trend setters in the Church have demonstrated it that it is possible.

Such a large number of religious dancing their way around with computers and its accessories was a sight in itself and a sign of the things to come. It is going to condition all that is going to happen among the religious of India.

Consecrated life in a digital world is not a future possibility but a present reality. They will cross all barriers and be a sign of the Kingdom of God proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

It is going to be a leadership challenge for the present day leaders who see dangers of the emerging digital world. They have to see the possibilities in the place of problems, opportunities in the place of oppositions.

What did they do with the computers during the conference? They evolved a consensus method of functioning in the place of the patriarchal system. They conducted all the discussions at four levels and the communication was routed through this. Space for the individual was created and they came into groups of ten and then to fifty and finally to the assembly of 225. We hope that this will revolutionize our conferences and chapters.

Every individual received every input, reflection and output in their computers. They became a shared family prophets of Jesus Christ.

Digital world can be wonderful instrument of reframing religious life for our times. Get connected for creating a new communion of persons for Christ.


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