Converted Kerala girl Nimisha’s mother moves SC seeking NIA probe

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Kerala, October 9, 2017: A Kerala woman whose daughter is believed to have fled to Afghanistan after being allegedly converted to Islam from Hinduism moved the Supreme Court. Bindu Sampath, hailing from Attukal need an investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) into the conversion of her daughter Nimisha.

Nimsha was final year dental student in Kasargod where she met and married a Christian youth, who later got converted to Islam along with her. The couple is among a group of 20-odd missing people from Kerala, who allegedly left the country to join Islamic State.

Bindu Sampath said that her Fathima alias Nimisha, whose daughter Fatima alias Nimisha is believed to have fled to Afghanistan when she was seven months pregnant to join the jihad of the IS.

Bindu Sampath said in her plea that the investigation by the Kerala Police into the missing case was not at all effective. Bindu Sampath alleged that foreign funds were flowing into the state for facilitating the planned conversion of youths.

The reports of Bindu’s plea comes close after the Kerala government submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court saying there was no need for a National Investigation Agency probe into the Hadiya case. In the Hadiya case, a Hindu woman got converted to Islam and married a Muslim man.

There are several reports coming from across the India that a similar strategy is being used. The Jihad Romeos are provided cell phones,  bikes and fashionable clothes to accomplish their sinister mission. They are given two weeks to find a girl of another religion and six months to convert her to Islam. If the girl shows no interest within two weeks, they should leave her and find another.

For each conversion, the men receive a monetary award of around 5 to 7 lakh with money for love jihad coming from a variety of organizations, mostly foreign-based. If a recruiter does marry his convert, he is encouraged to have four children with her.

Bindu Sampath rejected the argument that cases like that of her daughter or Hadiya are isolated, independent and individual instances of crime. She said they are rather a motivated scheme of operation. Bindu Sampath described herself as a helpless mother who is not able to get any relief or respite in her crusade to secure the well-being of her daughter.

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