CSF stands by Ps. Neethirajan: Attacked by Kashmiri fanatics

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Attacked by fanaticsKashmir, April 18, 2013: We experienced a miracle on Wednesday.  Let me share the story, but first let me tell you that everyone is safe.

Kashmir is a predominantly Islamic region (99%).  Some organizations would like a completely Islamic state ruled by Sharia law, although India is a secular democratic republic country.  These organizations have strong misconceptions about Christians and persecute the minority.

Last month a group of bearded mullahs (Islamic leaders) took Javid & Firdous to join their madrassas.  Their parents did not, or could not, object. (ie. They were threatened in the village by masked individuals before midnight).  This group returned to take the other kids and attempted to kill me.  We simply repeated “No, if they want the kids then bring the child’s parent or relative to come and take them.”

Another group of men arrived with rocks and sticks. They physically beat our guests who tried to escape, smashed the car, broke the house windows and forcefully entered in.

Attacked by fanaticsWe basically barricaded ourselves in the bathroom and prayed.

A few police arrived and the men were pushed outside.  This distraction gave us time to hide in the attics crawl space.

Watching through the floor boards, we could see the men searching rooms. They tried to light the house on fire, but the police stopped them.

The riot squad arrived with heavy weapons and armored trucks.  They secured a perimeter and rushed us away.

The same people threatened our landlord and killed our dog.  We were told to vacate the home. As Christian minorities, we petitioned the Chief Minister and states’ Chain of Command for personal security and a safe home to live.
Attacked by fanaticsThe mullahs submitted a police case saying many foreigner visitors were at the home to convert children to Christianity.   The local newspaper printed this false story the next day.  After investigation, the police rejected the mullah’s case.

We filed our own case (FIR) against the mullahs.   Every child’s parent and relative including friends came to the police station to make statements demonstrating strong support toward us and the tremendous work God is doing at our home.

The situation was traumatic, especially for the kids, but everyone is fine.

We really Praise God for Laila, a few friends, and the church ladies for defending the home and giving us time to hide.  It’s truly a miracle everyone is safe today.

With love and prayer,

– pastor s. neethirajan

NB: Pic 1  shows our house in middle. We were hiding in the green roof top. Other pics are of the fanatic attackers, the cars destroyed and institution targeted.

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