CSF: Why not English? – “Make Urdu second national language of India”

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Children studying UrduBihar, November 25, 2012: Urdu Council of India’s president Shamail Nabi, Kochadhaman RJD MLA Akhtar-ul-Iman, former Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University Dr. Major Balbeer Singh “Mureed” addressed a press conference today in Patna demanding that Urdu be declared second national language of India.”

Officially India doesn’t have a national language but Hindi is considered as such.

Shamail Nabi charged the government for intentionally undermining Urdu. He said to push for the demand of Urdu to be made second national language of India, a nationwide Urdu conference is planned for February 2013.

Akhtar-ul-Iman said that Urdu in Bihar has suffered even after it was declared as one of the official languages of the state. He blamed state government for lack of Urdu teachers, Urdu books, and Urdu-medium schools. He demanded Urdu be made a compulsory language in Matric examination.

“Urdu is not just the language of the Muslims but language for the whole nation,” argued Major Balbeer Singh “Mureed.” To make sure Urdu survives in India, it is important that it is taught in school and there is efficient system in place for its teaching and learning. He charged that “Nitish government has declared in a conference on Oct 7, 2009 that there will be a Urdu teacher in every school but not only it has not fulfilled its promise but it has failed to even replace teachers who have retired.”

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