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Dalit Liberation SundayThe National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) along with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) once again brings to you this booklet on Ideas for Worship on the occasion of Celebration of Dalit Liberation Sunday 2011. You are free to download this “Ideas for Worship”

Click the following link:

Dalit Liberation Sunday 2011

and use it in your Churches/Organisations, local Congregations!

• Member Churches are requested to use these ideas of worship on Dalit Liberation Sunday in their respective local congregations. If the tradition of worship in your church does not permit to use these suggestions, please use  them in other prayer meetings rather than in the regular Sunday worship. You could perhaps adopt some parts, like intercessory prayers, for the Sunday Service.

• The cover page of the booklet and the poster are designed using a painting by Rev. Sunil Raj Philip. It depicts  Trinitarian God who is with the struggling people. God the Father/Mother who appeared in the burning bush, Jesus who was bruised and crucified to death, and the uniting Holy Spirit are portrayed in this painting.

• These ideas for worship have been prepared and published by the NCCI- Commission on Dalits. All of you can feel free to use  this material, photocopying it or quoting from it with due acknowledgment in any worship service and meeting.

• The Member Churches are requested to use their creativity and human resources to make this day meaningful. Soft copies of ideas for worship and of the poster are available on request. Churches are encouraged to translate this into vernacular languages.
– sunil raj philip
commission on dalits

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