Dealing with what’s deep down

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Have you ever noticed how messes tend to migrate to areas of the house no one sees? Drawers, basements, and attics tend to collect things and become messes, even when the rest of the house looks beautiful. And, while cleaning up those messes, we tend to block the passageways of our house.

While tackling a few of these “hidden messes” recently, I got to thinking about the hidden messes that find their way deep down into our hearts–fear, anger, and pride that, instead of dealing with, we allow to stay and fester. Our hearts can get as blocked as the passageways in our houses (how quickly “stuff” collects!), hampering areas of our life and service.

But there’s good news. We don’t have to live with blocked heart passageways. In Christ Jesus, we have been set free from sin–even those deeply rooted problems we have struggled with for years. Jesus has already given us His new nature–we just get to choose if we’ll live in the freedom that is ours.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2 (KJV)

Jamie Lash tells a story of slaves after the Civil War. Even though they were freed after the war ended, it took time for the news of their freedom to travel to everyone. For some time, many slaves, though free, were not experiencing freedom because they didn’t realize they’d been freed.*

As you see “messes” in your life, remember, if you’re in Christ Jesus, you’ve been set free. You don’t have to live like a slave. But, much like we have to be willing to toss or rearrange the stuff clogging passageways in our homes, we do have to be willing to part with the anger, bitterness, and pride in our hearts. Rather than settling for surface cleaning and passageways that get clear for a time, we can surrender and let God deal with what’s deep down.

– christian perspective

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