Delhi: Islamic Da’wah Centre sends message of humanity

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Islamic Da’wah CentreNew Delhi, March 7, 2015: The world today stands at a crossroads where peace is the most sough-after thing. However, we (Muslims) have miserably failed to convey the message of peace to the people. These views were expressed by Maulana Mohammad Asrarul Haque Qasmi in his concluding remarks at the 5th Annual Get Together dedicated to the theme “Message for Humanity” organized by Delhi-based Islamic Da’wah Centre in a Jama Masjid Sunday 1 March, 2015. The first such get together to learn about the experiences and address the problems of reverts was organized by IDC run under Fatimah Charitable Foundation in 2010.

Maulana Qasmi, a Member of Parliament from Kishanganj, Bihar said that those introducing Islam to others should embody the work of Dawah with service to humanity in the same way as Prophet Muhammad had done and they should not react negatively to the responses they get, instead be humble and humane. He emphasized on arranging for better education and training of all those who were either born in Muslim households or had embraced Islam in their search for truth, peace and guidance.

Mufti Muhammad Ahmad Qasmi said that the fate of people would be decided by piety and virtuous actions and not on the basis of their race or kinship. He said that compilers of all the six famous books of Hadith (Prophetic tradition) were non-Arabs, this means that Allah may choose anyone for higher objectives if he or she has faith in Him and dedicates his or her life for His path. He said that “imaan” is a gift by Allah and those who do not value it; it is very likely that they may lose it.

Maulana Mohibbullah Nadwi, Imam of Jama Masjid Parliament Street coordinated the programme.

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