AP: Pastor is arrested for a cemetery row

Andhra Pradesh, April 19, 2012: Pastor Samuel was arrested in Yellamma Banda, Hyderabad district for trespassing on a cemetery.

The pastors of Yellamma Banda deciding to upgrade the public graveyard submitted a memorandum to the Corporator and approached the Municipal Commissioner through an MLA on the 5th of April. The necessary upgrades that were to be made were the construction of a fence, along with the installation of some lights and a small cabin in the Yellamma Banda graveyard.
After a word of mouth approval by the MLA Mr. Bhiksa Yadav, Pastor Samuel and his co-workers went and began levelling the surface of the cemetery. On seeing this peculiar activity some passerby made a compliant believing that the pastor was illegally encroaching on public land.

On 16th morning at around 1:30 am, Pastor Samuel was arrested for illegally trespassing on the cemetery. Later in the morning at around 7 am about 50 pastors met with MLA Bhiksa Yadav, who promised to intervene with the SI of police and other concerned authorities.

Pastor Samuel still remains under trial in police custody even though no formal evidence could be linked to be the underlying cause of the complaint and his arrest.

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