Division & unity among Christians

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Psalm: 15When nothing else seems to work, try false allegations. Jesus was doing good, and the temple authorities knew it. They knew He was speaking the truth. They had tried various strategies. They had tried to influence Him with their “false reasoning”. Then they tried ridicule. They criticized His habits of eating with “sinners”. They even tried threatening Him and even tried to kill Him.
Now they come with a new strategy – saying “He is influenced by the prince of devils – Beelzebul . And so it, as I see of the various groups that are against Christ across the world even today. As His disciples are spreading the Message of Love and forgiveness, the peddlers of hate and evil are afraid. Surely, they cannot confront His messengers directly.
And so they try to use this underhand way of claiming Jesus’ followers are abusing God, religion etc. We see this in many parts of the world. We pray that all people of Good Will all over the world shall recognize that Jesus has come to save His people and give them His peace, and His Name is also “Prince of Peace”. Abba Father, may Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is Heaven.
The Pharisees calling Jesus as possessed by a devil, also resulted in a strong backlash from Jesus. How can something which is Holy be called evil? Will not good and evil manifest themselves through their fruits?
Christ also speaks of the need of unity. Evil, which has for one of its attributes – disunity and discord, itself stands united in its fight against all that is good and sacred (and which seems ironical). Jesus says “if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand”. So we see various evil people, evil as they are, coming together and working together to achieve their diabolical purposes.
On the other hand we have Jesus praying for His flock “Father, that they may all be one as You Father and I are One”. We are called by Jesus to unity. And yet we see various groups tearing at the Body of Christ. The various groups tear at each other. And surprise, surprise, some of them even call themselves “Christian” and the Church “Satanic” – much like they did call Her Master, Jesus Christ. And so we pray that all Christians may be united in love for Jesus.
Of course, unity is not the same as compromise. Jesus never compromised on His values and His Love for God. Compromise is often a name for weak surrender, especially when it comes to Christian Faith and Morals.
And so we pray – Heavenly Father, we pray the prayer of Christ that “All who follow Your Son, will be One as You Father and I (Jesus) are One”. And that all Christians all over the world may be united in praising You –  Trinitarian God. And that there will be One Flock and One Shepherd – Jesus Christ.
We also pray for people (who deep below are good people) but are being falsely led by their foolish leaders to attack Christ and the Church, might like St Paul experience You , and having experienced You may spread Your Kingdom and share the Good News with great zeal through all the world.
All Glory Be to the Father, and to The Son and to The Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen.

– fwd: dominic mascarenhas

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