Domino’s pizza founder sues US over contraception mandate

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American businessman Tom MonaghanUSA, December 18, 2012: American businessman Tom Monaghan (pictured), the founder and former owner of Domino’s Pizza, is suing the US government over a controversial mandate that requires him to violate his Catholic faith in his business decisions, reports the Catholic News Agency.

The lawsuit described the contraception mandate as “an unprecedented despoiling of religious rights” that both “attacks and desecrates a foremost tenet of the Catholic Church.”

It pointed to Thomas Jefferson’s statement that “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.”

Filed last Friday by Thomas More Law Centre, the lawsuit challenges a federal mandate requiring employers to offer health insurance covering contraception, sterilization and early abortion drugs, even if doing so violates their firmly-held religious beliefs.

More than 110 business owners, non-profit organizations and religious charities have sued over the mandate, arguing that it violates their constitutionally-guaranteed right to religious freedom.

At age 75, Monaghan is best known for founding Domino’s Pizza in 1960. He sold the pizza company in 1998 and no longer has any active affiliation with it.

However, he remains the owner of Domino’s Farms, the property management company for a Michigan office park that is home to more than 50 corporations, professional firms, non-profits and entrepreneurial businesses.

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