Doubts surround death of a Protestant pastor healer, accused of black magic

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Mumbai, August, 2016: The pastor Martin Sebastian’s death is shrouded in mystery. The pastor was found dead on August 17. The rumors say that he was very sick with diabetes, but the authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of his death.

Pastor Martin was responsible for the Ashirwad Prayer Centre in Bhuigaon (Vasai, Maharashtra) where they held meetings and prayers of intercession and healing. Last February, the center was sued for violation of the law on black magic. Police opened an investigation against the center following the complaint by the anti-superstition Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti organization (MANS).

The police arrested the manager of the prayer center, but the pastor fled.

Sebastian Martin, nicknamed “Baba healer (Father healer)” by the media, was very famous for some videos circulated in social media where he cured some patients.

The pastor’s death as “persecution”, but says that it “is shrouded in suspicion. The center did not practice any black magic, but was only engaged in prayer and healing, and people went to the center of their own free will”.

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2 Responses to “Doubts surround death of a Protestant pastor healer, accused of black magic”
  1. Denis Khan says:

    it is sad that, when almost all of us want healing n our lives, a healer is ostracized and persecuted for trying to help us. All religious organizations should support such healers.

  2. Shanti says:

    So many Faith Healers want to help in all simplicity, surprisingly they are persecuted.. Black magic operators are everywhere, even on the roadsides, giving empty promises to helpless who are at cross roads of their life and seek help and are victimized and swindled of money, no one books a complaint against them, a very sad situation, the govt bodies should intervene and help good citizens.

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