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Chhattisgarh Express Incident

ChhattisgarhChhattisgarh, March 12, 2013: On 25 February, frightened Christian women get off their train after the Hindutva extremists accused them of forceful conversion. A group of 19 Christian women led by Christina Nag boarded Chhattisgarh Express train from Rajnandgaon to Dongargarh stations to attend a women seminar in Betul.

When some of the Hindutva extremists co-passengers came to know that they were Christians and that they were going to attend a Christian women’s seminar, they started accusing them of forceful conversion and started making sarcastic remarks against them and even tried to stop the women when they were getting down at Gondia station to go back home.

Finally the women got down in the middle of their journey and returned to their respective homes.

Christians Chased Out from Home in Odhisa

Hindutva extremists drove out a Christian family from a village for their faith after beating them up in Bhalutangara village, Kankadahada block, Dhenkanal, Odhisa. The extremists were against Rabinarayana Marandi and his family soon after they became followers of Christ. The extremists on 1 March beat them up, took their mobile phone and chased them out from the village.

The Christians submitted a police complaint and the police and administrative officials thereafter arranged a meeting between the two parties on 8 March. However, no compromise could be worked out as the extremists insisted on imposing the village tribal law on the Christian family, claiming that they should contribute for the local Hindu puja and festival collections.

OdishaThe Christians agreed to pay towards all social welfare programmes and activities but refused to give anything towards the idols and spirits of the Hindu festivals.

The official authorities then urged the Christians to do as requested by the Hindutva extremists group and to take part in all the village activities and rituals. They further threatened to take off the government benefits if they did not oblige. The Christians were told to make their decision by 10 March.

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