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Egyptian Christians Continue to Fear the Rise of Radical Islam

June 7, 2011 by  
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Stop murdering Christians in EgyptAmid increasing sectarian tensions, many Coptic Christians have become concerned about the rise of extremist Islam and its effects on the Christian community throughout Egypt.

 Hundreds of Christian citizens, who demonstrated alongside Muslims earlier this year to call for the removal of former president Hosni Mubarak, are now fearful that a conservative Islamic presence in Egypt is ushering in an era of discrimination and violence against the church — one that will become virtually unopposed as it gains strength.

Recent incidents of church burnings and physical attacks against Christians have caused many Copts to organize protests of their own, demanding more security for their churches, homes, and communities. In addition to increasing violence, many Coptic Christians report that they also suffer from discrimination, often being denied equal access to government jobs and the right to construct church buildings.

A spike in global food prices has also added to Christians’ troubles in Egypt, where it has become increasingly difficult to purchase even the most basic supplies for themselves and their families.

Christian Freedom International (CFI), a Michigan-based humanitarian organization that supports persecuted Christians around the world, is preparing to send food supplies to suffering Christians in Egypt. CFI, whose work among the persecuted has included medical care, education, and Bible, food, and clothing distribution in countries such as Iraq, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India, made an initial distribution of relief aid to the Egyptian church earlier this year.

 As an organization that consistently advocates on behalf of persecuted Christians, CFI encourages Christians everywhere to pray for the safety of the church in Egypt.

– Christian Freedom International

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