EWS Bangalore: Christians, Muslims, Dalits… cold, sick, dying, fleeing & homeless

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Thousands of Christians, Muslims, Dalits... cold, sick, dying, fleeing homeless

EWS Bangalore Then: Now Below: Religious, Casteist & Ethnic Cleansing csfpost@gmail.com
The Union Government, Governor & NGOs Must Move on Humanitarian Grounds
What is the Administration, MP / MLA doing about Egipura & EWS Quarters?

Thousands of Christians, Muslims, Dalits… cold, sick, dying, fleeing homeless
Race, Caste, Politics, Business, Hindutva, Bureucracy, Communalism…

Thousands of Christians, Muslims, Dalits... cold, sick, dying, fleeing homeless

Their houses have been demolished by the government without any alternative arrangements, leaving them out in the cold. The hundreds of families with a large number of school-going children and casual and domestic workers are still on the site of the demolitions, braving goons who are threatening them, facing night temperatures of 12 degrees in the open… some are injured, most traumatised. The victims – mostly women and children – need immediate protection from the severe cold. One lady, Rosemary, in her 60s died of cold and starvation at the site. She was so traumatised by the events that she refused to eat and lay down saying she would die there, and did, two or three days later.

The Karnataka government must be dismissed for failing to care for its citizens and for the inhuman action taken on over 1600 slums, largely comprising of Christian (75%) and Muslim (25%) appoximately, leaving thousands out in the cold on the streets. But whose going to do something about it? The Congress and political parties are waiting for the elections, while the BJP rules the roost in league with politicians and bureaucrats of all hues and shades. It is a national shame that the BJP is being allowed to run roughshod on not only the religious minorities, but also the linguistic and regional ones for in this case, most of the thousands affected are Tamilians settled in the settlement. Are the Union, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Governments and Oppositions listening? What has been the role of the Church (Catholic & Protestant) that are often seen rushing to the aid of various emergencies. Are they facing such a plight because they are minorities or or a lower caste of a different race?, asks The CSF, which will try to do its little bit.

It has been left to the likes of Dr. Sylvia and Kaveri, besides some students and dalit activists, like Cynthia Stephen who are rushing to their aid. We salute them. Presented below are some inputs we received from some of them:

Another mother of three small children has nowhere to go with them, the father left them months ago. Gracie, a grandmother, suffered lathi blows on her hand and was in great pain. Dr. Sylvia says that many of them are suffering from stress-related syndromes like high BP, diabetes, etc, and have not been able to take their medicines. Children are suffering from diarrhoea. They are at the mercy of charitable people for water and food – which they await and may not get.

The majority of those left – about 350 families, have taken refuge in some huge cement pipes lying in the area, but the police have said they well not be allowed to stay there either and will have to leave. The government have said in public that they might allow them to stay till the children’s exams are over, but nothing concrete has emerged from the promises yet, and the local ruffians – and the police – continue to stalk the area, intimidatingly.

The CSF urges you to write to the concerned authorities ASAP by copying and emailing the draft as below. Please also do your bit.

Email to: rajbhavan.karnataka@gmail.com, pmosb@pmo.nic.in, office@rahulgandhi.in, hm@nic.in, chiefminister@karnataka.gov.in, cmcell@tn.gov.in

Dear Decision-maker,

Sub: Rush Aid SOS to Karnataka: Religious, Casteist & Ethnic Cleansing
Ref: Thousands of Minorities & Tamilian Houses Demolished at Egipura & EWS Quarters
It is unfortunate that this is happening in India. The international community cries SHAME ! The CSF may be contacted for more details. However, we urge you to rush humanitarian aid to the above who are living in sub-human conditions, thanks to action by the Karnataka government and authorities against the Christian and Muslim Minorities, many of whom are Dalits and Tamilians…
The following link will give you more info.



Please act urgently, as even now, minorities and dalits are dying and suffering.

Urgently Yours
(Your Name)


Please find below some more pics and do send us your feedback.

We will keep you briefed on the developments.

Your brother in Christ,

GB – Joseph Dias +91 9769555657

Thousands of Christians, Muslims, Dalits... cold, sick, dying, fleeing homeless


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