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Asia, June 27, 2012: 81 Delegates of 16 countries call for new initiatives by Religious to realize the dream of “Ecclesia in Asia”. Think with the Church and launch a new collaborative mission to bring Christ and his vision of a kingdom of justice, peace and righteousness for our brothers and sisters in Asia.

The initiative for the Symposium was from the FABC Office of Consecrated Life. The participants included Bishops, Major Superiors and delegates from the member countries of Asia.

Sr. Mary Walter, the long time Secretary of the Office expressed happiness over the good participation of the member nations. The Symposium ended up with a statement regarding the situation of Consecrated life in the Region and directions for new initiatives.

Bishop Fernando of Sri Lanka, the Chairman of OCL said that the symposium is major step forward to empower the Asian Church for new mission initiatives.

Collaboration of Bishops and Religious in the mission of the Church was the focus of the discussion. They appreciated the numerous positive experiences of participative approach to the mission and took note of some areas of weakness.

The recommendations centered around the need to create a spirituality of communion, necessary structures at the Diocesan, national and Asian levels for consultations and sharing, and commitment by the participants to move ahead with their contribution.

The Indian delegation consisted of one Bishop, one secular institute member and 3 religious. Bro. Mani Mekkunnel, the National Secretary of CRI said “it was a definitive step for a concerted effort to bring together the vast resources of the Asian Church to address a major issue.”

Bro. Varghese who has been part of this movement during the last 6 years said that he experienced a new dynamism in the efforts of the FABC in bringing about collaboration and hoped that they will also address the vital issue of human rights in the Asian context.

Sr. Elsie who represented the women religious of India said that the conference was an eye opener for the tremendous opportunity that we have for working together as an Asian Church.

Mr. Ivan from Pune who represented the Secular Institutes for the first time in the Symposium affirmed his commitment to make the Secular form of Consecrated life as part of this movement of the Asian Church.

Archbishop Albert of Agra who is a member of the FABC commission presided over a statement of the conference and expressed confidence that the steps taken will strengthen the church in her collaborative effort to be effective in a fast changing Asian society.

The conference was held from 23-26 June in a Salesian Center 200 kms from Bangkok. For the first time some Chinese Major Superiors were able to participate in such an event. They expressed the confidence that things will change fast for them to have greater interaction with the Asian Churches.


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