Faith to pursue the seemingly impossible

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Faith brings things within the range of possibility.

An impossible attitude may say, “no more beyond,” but faith says, “there is more beyond”.
Sometimes we may feel that we have come to the end of the rope,
but it is never the end of our hope.

Until 1954, running a mile under 4 minutes was considered impossible.
But that year, Mr. Roger Bannister broke the barrier.

Mr. Roger Bannister

A year later in 1955, 37 others succeeded, and over 300 in the proceeding year.
Now the figure has shot upto 20,000!

Roosevelt, the former President of USA was confined to a wheel chair;
Milton was blind; and Beethoven was deaf.

President Roosevelt

But they showed us how to triumph over limitations.

A victim of arthritis, Hulda Crooks decided to learn mountaineering
on her 70th birthday and after rigorous exercise,
was able to climb Mount Fuji at the age of 95!

Hulda Crooks

Yes, all of us can definitely make some difference
with each day that the Lord gives us.

Of course, we should not assume that things will take care of themselves
or will be taken care of by others.
It takes time and practice to develop new habits.

Booker T. Washington said:
“success is to be measured not so much by the position
that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles
one has to overcome while trying to succeed.”


It is said that strong faith leads to good attitude,
while vibrant faith sustains a person in times of crisis.

This means, we don’t have to define life by limitations,
but fill our thoughts with things that we CAN do.


Suppose, we draw a line and write above it,
the things that we believe we can’t do,
and below it, the things we believe we can.

Such a line can be defined as the ‘line of limitation’.
If we desire to reach seemingly impossible goals, we have to raise the line.

Often our tendency is to bring down the line since we are reluctant to try.

When we try to do,
that which we once thought we cannot accomplish, the line is invariably raised.

We may also be tempted to bring down the line of limitation
when we face unexpected setbacks and failures.
However, we should persistently try to raise the line against all odds.

Against all odds

We must not allow frustration to rip us apart.
Failure is not a sign of weakness;
It brings opportunities to devise new ways of succeeding.

“Our focus must be on the goal, not on the failures “
We should put our mind around the limitless power of God.
Exaggerating difficulties affect the utilization of our talents.
We must focus on what we can do with what we have at hand.

The belief that we can’t do something is merely a rationalization for our unwillingness to take the risk.

Instead, we must live with positive expectation.
We will inevitably attract what we focus our mind on.

” Small steps of change in our attitude
can make a big impact in the long run “.

Thorough preparation for an upcoming event will enhance our capacity
to overcome fear and other obstacles.

We identify our strengths and maximize it.
We may have difficulties during the initial attempts.
But we will find that after awhile, they fade out.

” When God becomes ‘greater’,
the problems will appear to be smaller in comparison “.

Our God is Greater

Therefore, we need to learn to take a brief look at the problems and
a long look at the One Who is able to help us triumph over.

It is said that faith is to see the invisible.

If we are prepared to see the invisible (with the eyes of faith),
we will be able to make possible, the seemingly impossible.

– Dr George Samuel

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