Friday Church prayer meeting attacked by Muslim mob in Abuja, Nigeria

July 21, 2016 by  
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Nigeria, July 21, 2016: On Friday 15 July, more than 100 Muslim extremist youths attacked a church on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, as the church congregation gathered for a prayer meeting. According to local reports, the attackers shouted that “only Muslims have the right to pray on Friday” and “Christians are only allowed to worship on Sunday” before the mob began physically assaulting the Christians and causing damage to the church building. Friday is the Islamic holy day, the focal point of which is midday prayers at the mosque. Some of the Christians were badly beaten and it was reported that church windows and musical instruments inside the church were broken.

The attack occurred less than a week after a pastor’s wife was murdered, also in Abuja, and has led Christian leaders to call on Nigeria’s Muslim President, Muhammadu Buhari, to publicly condemn the recent violence against Christians: “To ignore the barbaric attacks on us in Abuja is a dangerous signal. Their silence gives the impression they don’t care what happens to us,” said one pastor.

– barnabas persecution update

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