Ghaziabad assembly attacked

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Delhi, May 14, 2017: This took place in Ghaziabad at the residence of Bro. Ash Prakash where the assembly meets every Sunday.

Two new men came couple of weeks ago asking for a Bible and showing interest to attend the Church. Today they came and sat in the asset and later 4 more joined them again some tough people walked in when Br.Johnny Dawson was preaching, when asked why they came the men charged our people them at they were converting people and without any delay they pulled out sticks and started beating believers. Within five minutes they left the scene after beating our people before the neighbors would get alerted. After this the believers called the police and filed an FIR. Nobody is seriously hurt but they are grieved because if this incident. Please pray for the work and ministry.


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  1. Alexander Abraham says:

    Due to this reason, Christianity will not come to an end. But the people, those who are spoiling Christianity will destroyed.

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