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Girti widow in Kandhamal seeks justice from government for her martyred husband and child-GCIC unearths buried martydoms

June 10, 2011 by  
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Persecution of Christians in Kandhamal, OrissaPhulbani: Village Giriti was inhabited by 10 tribal christian families till 25 Aug 2008. On 25th Aug 2008, early in the evening. the ten families were terrified by shouts of “Jai Shri Ram” , etc, by a large mob. In fear all the villagers ran away into forest; but Mathew Patmajhi, who was suffering fever, stayed back at home as he was unable to run. His little daughter of about 2 years (She was not yet named) also stayed back. The attackers looted all the houses, burnt down each of the house and badly thrashed Mathew. He was half dead. They threw him into a ditch and left the village. Next day his wife and others found him in the ditch almost dead. They brought him home but he breathed his last the following day. His death has not been reported in any FIR or any other report or even in the diary of the police station. Due to combined efforts , the widow of the deceased met the SP at Phulbani in March 2011. The district Superndent of Police contacted the local police station and replied that no murder case can be registered now because it has not been mentioned in any of the previous reports.Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) appeals to the Orissa government to register double murder gone unreported because of the manipulation of radical hindus. GCIC in collaboration with civil society is determined to unearth the buried martydoms in Kandhamal

Now no one lives at Giriti. Five of the families including that of the deceased Mathew have shifted to Semingpadar. Other five families too shifted to another villages.

Please pray for justice – for the widow who lost her husband and the baby.

– Persecution.in

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