Goa: Independent HC will complete statehood: Adv Viegas

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Bombay High CourtMargao, March 25, 2014: Margao-based lawyer, Adv Anacleto Viegas on Monday said the demand for an independent High Court for Goa by the legal fraternity is not for seats in the Bombay High Court, but the completion of Statehood and the satisfaction that the State judiciary at the level of high courts, district courts and subordinate courts are ruled, governed and managed by the local people.

Saying that advocates from across Goa are extremely unhappy with the inappropriate remarks made by Justice (retd) G D Kamat that the demand for a high court for Goa is no longer justified, Adv Viegas said Justice Kamat’s remarks are most unfortunate considering that the Bar has grown manifold since the setting up of the High court bench at Goa and the legal fraternity yearns for the fulfillment of Article 214 of the Constitution of India.

“The High Court is not just for filling of judicial vacancies or for appointment of judges to the High Court. A High Court for a State like Goa is a must as the common law of succession, family law of marriage and divorce are unique to the State and the concept of ‘Mundkar’ is yet to be understood by many of the judges of the Bombay High Court. Moreover, Statehood is never complete without the most powerful arm of the State, that is, an independent high court,” he added.

He said that Justice Kamat would do well to remember that he has no powers now to seat in judgment over Constitutional provisions which provide that “Every State shall have its own High Court.”

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