Good Friday Musings: Mumbai & East Delhi – The CSF Impact *Kandhamal Catholic priest attacked

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones the power of the Risen Lord, this Easter….
Your prayers keep us going and the LORD blesses us with success.

bro. joe dias & Team CSF, ICAN and our families

Some photographs of The CSF Calvary Drama Live can be seen at –

Good Friday Musings. Mumbai and East Delhi – The CSF Impact


The CSF had an eventful silver jubilee observation of the Good Friday service, which was well-covered by all national dailies – details of which follow in the next email. Suffice it to say that we prayed publicly for you – our collaborators and well-wishers. And we are sure God heard our prayers, thanking HIM for your partnership with The CSF to better the lot of HIS people. In lighter vein, it was a delight to see politicians competing with each other, to be seen among the Christians, who are otherwise ignored.
August Kranti Maidan: Here we only want to share with you, how politicians, authorities and fundamentalists take Christians for granted simply because we accept our fate and don’t fight back. Most of the time, even our Christian politicians, are nowhere on the scene, though they turn up to take the credit. In Mumbai, it happened at the August Kranti Maidan, where a bureaucrat denied permission for the Good Friday worship, which was opposed by The CSF and later joined by others to get the decision reversed. Here we also had some “Christian” politicians jumping on the publicity bandwagon.
East Delhi: Similarly in the heart of the capital – East Delhi, we had the Deputy Commissioner of Police initially refused permission for administrative reasons, to conduct the Live Stations of the Cross on the streets, even though the community has been conducting it for the last almost 15 years. There was panic on Maundy Thursday and advocate Jenis Francis sent SOS text and email messages, which The CSF decided to act immediately on. We sent a fax, sms and email almost instantaneously, asking the Commissioner of Police to correct the situation and within minutes, the permission was granted.
Praise God. To HIM be the glory, as HE in His infinite mercy uses The CSF as an instrument to get things done. The pictures that appear here are those of the Live Stations of the Cross, which was held on Good Friday in East Delhi and was well attended. In fact, the parishners were so  impressed at the speed and efficacy of our intervention, that they have called for a CSF chapter to be opened in the national capital, which we are actively considering.

Kandhamal Catholic priest attacked


Orissa, April 06, 2012: Sukananda is a small village about 4 kilometers north of Gudayagiri at Khandamal. The Catholic parish at Sukananda is about 100 years old. The church priest’s residence is adjacent to the convent of missionaries of charity. This church was badly ransacked and destroyed during the communal violence of 2008. A grotto stands on the hill behind the church. Rev Sisisrkant Sabhanayak is the parish priest since 2010.

On 29.03.12, Manoj, S/o Mr. Rabindra Nayak of village Sukananda and others began to dig up the way to the grotto. Rev. Sisisrkant told them not to do so and they agreed. But again on 30.03.12, they came with JCB machines and began to dig and remove mud from the road which leads to the grotto. Rev. Sisisrkant again requested them to not to dig up the way to the grotto. At this Manoj and others abused the priest with filthy language and one Deepak Nayak caught hold of Rev. Sisisrkant’s throat, kicked him and threaten to kill him. On 4th April, when the priest was on his way to Gudayagiri, Manoj Nayak again caught hold of priest’s throat and pushed him. On 6th April, Rabindra Nayak came and threatened to kill priest.


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