Govt’s response to desecrations ‘timid’, says Church periodical

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Panaji, September 4, 2017: ‘Renovação’, the bulletin published by the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman has continued its veiled attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party in its latest issue, maintaining that the BJP-led state government’s response to religious desecrations taking place around Goa as well as the government’s efforts to stop attempts by Rightwing elements to provoke and divide society have been “timid and tepid”.

It also cautions the Goans to defeat all the sinister attempts at putting neighbour against neighbour and brother against brother.

The article published in the September issue of this bulletin maintains, “While the heat over some provocative statements was still on and the response of the local government timid and tepid, came a series of desecrations of religious symbols at sites located in the southern part of Goa.”

“Despite the facts of various parties, groups and individual elements having tried to drive a wedge between various religious communities co-existing in Goa, the general populace has shown amazing resilience not to let anyone break the long-existing bonds of communal harmony that has seen this state stand as a shining example to the rest of the nation,” it adds.

The previous issue of the bulletin had indirectly equated the BJP to the Nazi Party headed by Adolf Hitler, reacting to which the state unit of the BJP had “advised” the Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao to “tone down” the contents of the Church periodical. The Church in turn had dismissed the charge made by the BJP that it tried to polarise the voters on the religious grounds.

The particular article titled ‘preserve communal harmony’ and written by Jaime Rangel, a medical professional, further states, “These desecrations came in quick succession, leaving little time to cool down any raised tempers and with an obvious intention to provoke a violent reaction.”

Incidentally, a report of a fact-finding committee backed by Council for Social Justice and Peace, an organ of the Church, had accused the state government of being lethargic in the investigation as regards the incidents of desecration of crosses and Catholic religious symbols in various cemeteries in South Goa.

The article published in the latest issue of the ‘Renovação’ further calls for a need to be vigilant against attempts to drive a wedge between religious communities in Goa.

It also urges Goans to speak up against “sinister attempts at putting neighbour against neighbour and brother against brother”.

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